Thursday, September 27, 2007

Life on the Frontier

Well, the nightmares I had before I came were NOTHING in comparison to reality! Let's start at the top shall we??

Ian and I had three flights to get us to our new home. The last flight, which left from San Fransisco - NOT impressed with your airport San Fransiscins...Not impressed at all - had a two or three hour layover. Ian and I were sitting on the floor playing with his dinosaurs and cars when Andrew called to tell me...and I quote..."Now, I don't want you to freak out..." When a man in Andrew's family says these words you know you're in for something exciting...."but, my parents and I were sitting around the fire pit" - that's right people, we have a fire our yard. It's quite parents were sure we were at a campground when they saw the picture. "No", I said "that's IN our yard". So.."we're sitting around the fire pit and there are a bunch of deer in our yard and all the sudden they start running away and one of them starts screaming and we see a mountain lion pulling it out of the yard". "hmmm", I say. "Then," says my Andrew, "the next day I found a deer carcass up in the one of the trees in our front yard that the mountain lion pulled up there".

And so, I let it all sink in. Immediately I remembered reading an excerpt from one of Andrew's Mountain Lion books that said big cats (cougars in particular) in captivity - who have never had to hunt for their food - will watch a hundred adults walk by their cages and never blink twice. But, the second a child walks by they will go into stalker mode and creep along as if they are about to pounce. As I sat on the phone with Andrew - through no fault of my own because I really had little control having been up since 3:30am and having flown across country - the tears starting coming. And although I never looked in a mirror to confirm I feel pretty confidant that a blotchy face followed. For those of you who don't know me as well as others - the blotchy face only shows up if I am crying really, really hard - or if I am really, really upset and trying not to cry hard. It was the latter in this example. This is the second time I've cried in an airport with Ian. In all fairness though, we have flown many, many, many times back and forth and up and down the U.S. - since he was born. So maybe two times isn't that bad.

My second night in our new house a bear got into our trash. Well Brittany, you ask, How do you know it wasn't a raccoon? This is how my friends...Andrew had tied down the lid because we were warned about bears in the tight in fact that I couldn't get in it. The next morning the trashcan was 20 feet from where it had been and the lid ripped off. Five days later Andrew found the lid deep in the woods. It had claw punctures through it. THROUGH it. And so, lesson learned...our trash now sits in the garage behind locked doors. Ian and I also sat behing locked doors for a solid 48 hours until a wife of a guy andrew works with came and saved us and took us into "Town"..... let me elaborate shall I? No stoplights...not a one! One grocery store - very expensive - all the meat and chicken are expired - kids get free lollipops - there are deer heads and huge fish mounted on the walls. Two touristy gift shops (one is where the pharmacy is so that's convenient I suppose - also there is a coffee shop inside so you can pick up your flu medication and a latte). Hmmmm...what else? Oh - a hardware store - which like a fool I assumed was open past 2pm on Saturday. Silly girl. A movie theater that is currently showing "Balls of Fury". No - that's it people - just "Balls of Fury". A court house, a jail. And a place called The Whistle Stop Cafe - which we ate at on Monday because it reminds me of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" - who I'm pretty sure they ripped off the name from. Then again, it is by the traintracks so maybe the movie stole it from them....hmmm...i have some investigating to do.

Pros: Our house is gorgeous. Our yard is our dream yard - minus the life-threatening wildlife. Andrew likes his job. I now have Internet and Dishtv.

Signing off...


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not Smart Enuffff...enough (I couldn't leave it enufff - even though it's funnier)

I want to add pictures under each new post I write. Why am I having trouble with this? Blogspot/Dots Dark Template, I shake my fist at you!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why I am writing now when I have pretty much no time to write? Beats me... Ian is licking a Tupperware lid right now and calling out "pacieeee, blankyyyyy...". I think he's ready for a nap. I am visiting NC right now and have had a pretty great time. Maria and I are off to window shop at North Hills (something I don't really enjoy without money) but something to do nonetheless - and catch a movie.
Brandon got me started on Facebook and I think I am addicted. I was addicted to this blog for about a week and a half so I'm sure this too will pass. Andrew moved us into our new home. I am excited and nervous. I've had dreams/nightmares every night since I got here about our new place...some of the winners were the new house was infested with spiders, in another there was a snake pit in the back yard (my mom says dreaming about snakes means you're not having enough...well never mind...but she was trying to let the snakes get as close as they could without biting her...not sure what Freudianism that translates too), and finally Andrew and I were sprayed by a skunk.
Okay, more later - I've got windows to look in and finery's to touch and then put down and long for.

Another FAV!!