Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Once There Was a Snowman

I finally made a trip into the big city an hour and a half away. I spent about two hours in Super Wal-Mart trying to make our money ssssttttrrreeeetchhhh. Andrew took Ian to Cabellas to enjoy the finer things so that I could have Wal-Mart all to myself. Finally, with a full cart and a line behind me I began checking out. I needed a styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice for the cold stuff since it is such a long drive back so I grabbed that while the older lady continued to scan my goods. I put in some ice, put in some milk and other things, more ice and realized I would have to a get a second cooler. I picked up the full cooler to put in the cart and CRACK. It broke in half. The milk fell to the ground. Ice went EVERYWHERE and I have no doubt my face turned bright red. The scanner lady was only half done with my things at this point. Panic set in as she tried to find a manager and helpers to assist in my mess. I grabbed more ice, more coolers and finally someone took all the people behind me to another line. Andrew was still 15 minutes away and there were three older employees bending awkwardly (so as not to injure their backs I assume) trying to clean my mess. "Where are the teenagers?!" I wanted to yell. So three coolers, two bags of ice, and two shopping carts later I stood outside pulling up my nicely straightened hair that was now sticking to my face and neck from sweat - and waiting for Andrew to pick me up. At the time he said, "you poor thing". But in retelling the story to his mother - he was slightly less affectionate and concerned. Needless to say, the waiting a month and a half to go to the city was not exactly worth it. Sometimes I just have to ask, "Why is this my life?" Ian woke up this morning and let us sleep in which was pretty fantastic. I heard him playing the harmonica every so often so I knew he was okay. At 8am I came out to the living room to find all his stuffed animals lined up against the front door. Ian said they were in time out. They were naughty. I was pretty impressed with his firm hand - they ended up there for a solid two hours.

Last night I made this wooden snowman thing at church. I sort of like the idea of crafts - although I would rather buy a cute decoration already made than do it myself. Which is sort of interesting because I am a fairly creative and artsy person at times. Last night I was reminded why I don't attempt these things often. To begin the night, I was taking a chair off a big stack of chairs to set up for myself and as I turned (very quickly and with a lot of power - I am pretty strong after all) I slammed the foot of the chair into the side of Ian's jaw. Hard. It left a perfect circle that is still visible this morning. That should have been my first clue to just turn around and head home. But silly optimist that I am I thought I had no where to go but up.... I painted my snowman white (and was taught the distressed technique). I turned for one second and Ian had taken a paintbrush to the middle of my snowman. A paintbrush dripping with black paint. Someone assisted me in the clean up - I had no idea how to salvage it, but help was provided. Long story short...everything that could go wrong....did. A crafty friend fixed every mistake I made and basically did quite a bit of it herself. So, here is my finished product. Take a good look - you will not see another craft from me for quite some time.

Another FAV!!