Thursday, December 13, 2007

Still May Vomit....

Not really sure who all checks this out. Sometimes I feel like I am just writing to space. was my day:

- Made a REAL trip to Boise with a friend.
- Went to Deseret Book, Babies-r-us, Petsmart (saw two large white doves for sale - which is something I've never seen before. My theory is they just couldn't make it work with their magician owner...or illuuusionist owner), Sportsman's Warehouse, and the mall. Spent a total of 3 hours on route to Boise and home and another one or two making the rounds.

- Ian almost destroying not one, but two families Christmas pictures with Santa. He was in his stroller and saw these HUGE snowmen that rotated - one had a fishing rod with giant fish on it which now that I think about really makes no sense at all. Must be a Boise thing... Ian saw them from his stroller and yelled...and I mean yelled...."I GET OUT!!!" He ran past the line almost in front of the photographer and stared in awe at the giant snowman. He came back to me a few times - but I guess it just didn't feel right and made a bee-line for the snowgiantman again.
- Ian trying to steal a wise man and a camel at Deseret Book.
- Buying a new journal. After only....6 years....i have finally finished my black leather journal (I was in a black, leather "place" when I bought it 6 years ago). Now I am in an awesome-magnetic-flip-open-original-Shakespearean-text-on-the-cover "place". Also my new journal is just ridiculously awesome. Flip. Open. Flip. Closed. Brilliant. While I think the Journals with various painting of Christ on the cover are beautiful...I feel like I can't write all my true feelings. Like if Christ is on the cover then you probably shouldn't complain about womanhood, motherhood, wife..hood, anything angry or inappropriate. I'm sure this says some very unpleasant things about my true intentions and personality. But alas...I have a cool journal to console me.
- Eating at the Olive Garden. Once upon a time the Olive Garden was a mediocre restaurant that was 6th or 7th down to P.F. Changs, El Dorado, Cassadoria, etc... After living in the township I am in and eating only at home and mom and pop restaurants for several months. I was truly - TRULY - in state of euphoria. Bread sticks - fantastic. Calamari - yes please. And the Salad...oh the Salad. Even when I was well past full I convinced myself that eating more salad was just the right, nay, healthy thing to do. Had I not feared judgement I would have sucked the dressing off all the lettuce and then licked the unlimited-salad bowl. But I showed restraint. I'm not an animal after all.
- Miriam calling and telling me what she is having! Congrats if you read this Miriam! Which you probably wont because it's just me and Space and here.

- Ian's tantrums after going almost 10 hours without a nap. Oi.
- The snake in the pet store was VERY active and I could see it's dinner in it's boa body. Gave my the heeby jeebies and a flutter (not the good kind) in my heart.
- Trying not to throw up on the drive up and back from Boise. The way up was worse. It is the windiest - that spelling doesn't look right - wyndey, winde, whinedy hmmm - let's go with - whinediest road ever and...for those who don't know.......i am...with child, "preggers" - man I hate that expression. It's so dumb. It's like, hey - i know - lets make pregnancy; nauseous, vomiting, sweaty, fattening, exhausting, painful breasts, stretch marks, clumps of hair falling out, gassy, small bladder - pregnancy ADORABLE - and call it "preggers". Idiots.
I have a hard time waiting the patient and "proper" three months to tell people. In part because I am not a patient person, in part because why wait to tell people you love (and Andrew gets almost as excited to tell family and friends as I do) and in part because I want to hurl most of the day and there is just no way for me to hide that. Also, for some, (and I'm not naming names here) it is hard to hide the emotions...or "hormones" if you will. Which may in part explain the euphoria mentioned at Olive Garden earlier today. We found out a week ago and so far Andrew and I have been in 116 fights. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. But apparently I am slightly "on edge" and "irrational" and "moody". Nonsense I say! Sometimes you just feel like crying when discussing the differences between traveling to China and traveling to Africa or deciding if you want Thai Peanut Dressing on your salad. I mean really, ANYone would tear up over these things. Irrational. HA!

Okay, I am tired and getting nauseous. So far my biggest problem is that I truly don't feel hungry at times but the only way the nausea goes away is when I eat. A dangerous cycle let me tell you. When I was pregnant with Ian I gained...well...a little weight. Something like 470 pounds. Well, it felt and looked like that anyway. I was convinced...CONVINCED...that he was going to be HUGE. "This baby's going to be a big one!" I would say. "Probably 13 or 14 pounds!" When he came out a measly 7.14 I was not impressed with his development. All that eating I did for him and he barely took advantage of it! "My bad" I would tell people. It felt like a 13 pounder but looking back that must have just been the McDonald's Quarter Pounders with cheese and no pickles meal (or a number 2 for those of you in the know) lumping together in my stomach and sticking to various parts of my body. Okay...making...myself...sick. go sleep it off.

Later space. Until next time.

Another FAV!!