Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just a few random thoughts...

Random Thought #1
My pictures on the blog used to be crystal clear (scroll down and you can see that) but now when I post them they are blury. This patrol guy changed the setting on my camera and I'm not sure how to change it back. It bothers me greatly. GREATLY.

Random Thought #2
Who, who I ask leaves a bowl of macoroni and cheese in - the - bathroom?... A three year old perhaps?... Oh no, not in my case. In my case it would be my husband. Who sometimes eats in there. and if he is embarrassed by my writing this then perhaps he should change his ways. It's not even a regular bowl because heaven forbid he use anything NORMAL SIZED. Oh no, it is a giant mixing bowl. And a giant spoon. He is very particular about which utensils are used with which meals. Only the smaller sized forks and spoons are used at all the wrong times...from spaghetti to rice to macoroni and cheese. And his favorite glass is a jar (like the glass kind you put homemade jam in)...well I don't because I don't know how to make homemade jam. But you get the idea. Am I way off in being bothered by these things? ALSO, he eats goldfish crackers in milk with a spoon like it's cereal. That one actually doesn't bother me so much any more, although it does waste a lot of goldfish crackers at once. Also, he tends to randomly come home with Costco sized boxes of the weirdest things. The latest of which is sitting above our cabinets in the kitchen. A giant box of Moon Pies. Gross, old marshmallowy, cardboard tasting Moon Pies. Who in their right mind can even eat 4 Moon Pies? Does anyone really need a cafeteria size box? But regardless, Andrew - if you read this - I do love you. Happy early Valentine's Day...blah blah blah.

Random Thought #3
Does anyone else experience night sweats when pregnant? Like disgusting, dripping down your chest, neck, legs, face, onto your pillow, sheets, and quilt night sweats... I wash sheets every other blasted day - sometimes every day. You know it's bad when the smell of your own sweat in the morning is often what actually induces the vomiting. My mom says perhaps I shouldn't share so much info on here, but as I can't see your faces when you read this to see how grossed out you may be, Oh Well.

Random Thought #4
My son refuses to poop on the toilet.

Random Thought #5
Just finished The Pillars of the Earth. Gritty, long, interesting but not for those with weak stomachs. Almost put it down at one point because I wasn't sure I could read about one more rape, torture, murder, beating, children dying, etc...but I powered thru. Glad I did. Good ending. Grisly of course, but good. Also, is it weird for anyone else when family members recommend a book to you with sex in it? It's very unsettling to think..."hmmm my mom read this" or "my younger brother read this". Very unsettling indead. Also, I am yet again glad I was born at this time. Those Medieval Ages were a real drag.

Random Thought #6
My friend Rachel and I are thinking of starting our own - don't know the proper, blog, chatroom? Forum where we are in charge and control the conversations, and people respond. We are full of useful information and deep thoughts so it only seems natural to share our wisdom with the masses. Plus, Rachel might be the funniest female I know. Next to me.

Random Thought #7
I am a little freaked out to have a scheduled C-Section. I know millions of women do it. And I've had plenty of surgeries. But I've always had the pleasure of going to "sleep" first. True, with Ian they had to choke me to make me pass out before they started the c-section (true story), but still, I was "asleep". The thought of being awake while they cut into me, and pull out a big baby and all that other junk kind of makes me - oh... i don't know.... want to hit myself in the head with a hammer just before they get started. And bonus, my Doctor isn't even an OBGYN. She is a young (very cool and nice) but young Family Practice Doctor. No OBGYNs out here. Hopefully Andrew won't hit the floor when they get started.

Possible other Random Thoughts to follow...

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