Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ian's Calling

Last night was the branch Lyp Sync. I wasn't planning on doing anything until a friend said she would "perform" with me...and then another friend joined our rockalicious group. I cannot tell a lie...we were awesome. Pretty much the highlight of the night for all involved. Kim was on electric guitar (she plays for real so that gave us some street cred), Julie was on drums and half way through the performance she shot TONS of confetti out of her sparkly drum sticks, and I...well, do you really have to ask. I was the lead singer...or rather lead lip singer. I tried all my sexy moves in front of a mirror before the show and have come to the conclusion that no matter how well you can swivel your hips and get down, it's just not cool looking with a huge pregnant belly. In fact, you actually come across as ridiculous. So I did without the sexy moves but was still rockin' pretty hard. So hard in fact that the Branch President asked Andrew if I was on drugs. All in good fun though! We were the only ones to get crowd participation and they all clapped along, desperately wanting to jump up and show their moves in the aisles...(i could see it in their eyes). The only mishap was when I took off my Aviator glasses and threw them into the crowd and may have accidentally hit Kim's daughter with them - who for some crazy reason wasn't looking at us! Andrew was pretty impressed with the whole thing. He asked me to perform all my moves again when I got home, but sadly i could not. It was a one time thing.

And now, on to Ian...who truly, TRULY may have had the best night of his life. He has never seen a stage or semi-live music performed or people dancing and performing and the kid was in his own world! From the moment we got there he was asking to go on stage and dance! So we decided to let him dance when it was our turn. He turned it out! NO FEAR. He rocked his sunglasses and hopped up on stage like he was a pro and danced for our entire song - (he was also a big hit with the fans). The rest of the night (before and after his stage debut) was spent dancing with his friend Bryce in the back of the gym, begging to go onstage for everyone else's performance, and chasing Bryce around. Here is a little video of Ian practicing his moves. This isn't even his best work...but you get the idea.


And here is a picture of Ian and Bryce. After Ian's performance Bryce ran up to me and said, (and I quote!) Ian was SO AWESOME! My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode in my chest!!" Now that's a friend.

And in case some of you have been dying to know the song we did - it was "I Want You to Want Me" by Letters to Cleo. A little girl power. Rock on people, rock on...

Oh...and to Miriam. Congratulations on your beautiful little boy!!! (He really is beautiful - i have photographic evidence)...not that any of us had any concerns with the most beautiful couple as his parents. I love you and I love little Grayson~

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog 201 (aka New and Improved)

So...guess who now knows how to give her blog a spiffy back round and who can also add pictures UNDER her blog instead of to the side?...Athatwouldbe -me. No, please...hold your applauds until the end. Now I can write things like: And here is a picture of Ian playing with beans. I looked on a website for fun activities for three-yr olds and thus the bean idea was born. I felt very mom-like buying beans for my son to measure and play with. He is a big fan.

And here is a picture of my special, special boy...who spent hours in these goggles, with his new spider-man underwear, no pants, awesome shoes from Tia Maria with little skulls on the back and a dirty band-aid on his knee.

That's you see what's going on here? I am writing about the pictures UNDER the text. Okay, you may give me a standing ovation now if you're heart desires. (And a special thanks to Emily Black - without whom - none of this would be possible).

Another FAV!!