Monday, June 9, 2008

My African American Son: Don't tell Andrew, he thinks the boy is his.

Today Ian found a spider and asked me to kill it - unfortunately we find them several times a day inside the house... As soon as I killed it he said turned to me and said, "THANK YOU!! Thank you my Prince!" In his defense - he watched Bambi today and my mom swears they say that in Bambi.

So Ian and I just made a trip to our local thrift/junk store to look for an answering machine and Ian hit it off with this kid who was hanging out there - (I think his mom or grandma works there or something). They ran around hiding and shooting unfilled water guns at each other. Ian has never played this game before and it was pretty much one of the best things to ever happen to him. The little boy - who I would guess is about 10 or 11 took Ian outside to see his new adorable puppy - who I coincidentally had to take an allergy pill because of - and when he came back in he said, "I can really hear his accent!" I had mentioned I was from North Carolina so I thought he was referring to a Southern accent...which was still pretty funny since Ian has spent most of his life between Florida, Washington and Idaho. So i said, "Oh yeah?" And the kid said, "Yeah! Let me guess?... African American!!" Of course I started cracking up and said, "No, not African American". Apparently the kid was dead serious because he looked like I had smacked him after I started laughing. Then the rest of the time we were there he proceeded to speak to us in a Cockney accent - that's when I decided to go. Ohhh children of Cascade. So worldly~

After that we ran to the grocery store - Ian was desperate for a toy - what else is new?? - and said he wanted this horse...or I should say Cowgirl/Horse Set. Here you can see him brushing the horses hair. I thought it was so funny he wanted it i spent the $2 and got it for him. Don't worry dad... I know how you feel about him playing with "girl toys" and 5 minutes later he said he wanted a boy riding the horse. Although that didn't stop him from primping his new pony!!

Andrew found an injured bird in our yard the other day - we think it was a baby, but not sure. He could NOT kill it - and we all know I wasn't going to! So we called Andrew's mom - the animal expert - to help us figure out what to do. Andrew had put it in one of Ian's teeny tiny wagons with grass and nest stuff and we gave it some bread and water (as you can see in the picture) but it wouldn't eat of course. Anyway, Rita suggested a painless way of killing it - that involved car exhaust. Which was a really good idea, but short of sticking it up the tail pipe - we weren't really sure how to accomplish that and Andrew just really did not want to kill his new friend. Andrew wanted to keep it inside since it's cold out - but i convinced him it was an "outside" bird and would be okay... my bad. So he left it outside in its little wagon home. The next morning he took Ian out to check on it was four times its size and floating in rain water. Andrew convinced Ian that it was going in the trashcan to get better. Ian thinks it's resting in there and then is going to fly away. So I guess nature took it's course... with a little unintentional help from us... Hope it drowned quickly. So sad and also kind of gross.

Saturday Ian and I went on the 35 minute drive to the "good" grocery store. We were there FOREVER! Here he is ready to go. He looks like a such a big kid in his backpack. By the time we left the store he was almost in tears saying, "Mommy, I want to go home and take a naaaap!" Can you feel the excellent parenting skills I'm sending your way??

This huge firetruck was parked outside of the grocery store and one of the firemen let Ian go inside it - I happened to have my camera for just such a photo emergency!

Here Ian is playing with this very cool remote control snowmobile our very cool neighbor Todd gave him.

Ian is sort of crazy about Todd! - seen below - He has accidentally called him "Daddy" a few times. Todd's wife, Cheryl is due just a few weeks before me with a little girl. Ian is constantly asking to walk over to their house. We all went to see "Iron Man" the other night (which I was extremely nervous to take Ian to see...but was even more nervous to leave the clingy little momma's boy with sitter) and Ian fell asleep within the first 15 minutes! I promised him when "Kung Fu Panda" came out (he is OBSESSED with the previews!) that I would take him to see it. Only now he thinks we can't go to the movie without Todd and Cheryl. Like it is just not allowed or something.

Here is Ian with our new Sit-n-Stroll Stroller and our new car seat and one of Ian's monkeys dressed up in the baby's clothes and know...just to make the experience feel more authentic... What can I say?...we have a LOT of time on our hands here!

And finally, Ian thinking he still fits in his LeapFrog bouncy seat. He spent a solid two days buckled into this thing. I've definitely noticed some regression as of late. Let's hope he doesn't regress too much when the baby actually gets here!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Reunion Preface...

was not able to line up all the captions under the photos and center is driving me INSANE. But I have spent hours on this stinking blog and I am done. So please overlook the errors. AAGGHHHHH!

Family Reunion...

Maria, Brandon, Tillia (w/baby girl), Brian, Andrew, Me (w/bigger baby girl), Mom and Dad out for dinner at Yopana's. Brian was a little grumpy we made him take the picture IN the restaurant. What's up Brian? we embarrass you or something??
Andrew and I - in my 7th month of pregnancy...let's get this thing done!

So I just got back a few days ago from our official Krallis Family Reunion…don’t worry, we didn’t have t-shirts made – (we’re not that kind of family!) It was an eventful few days to say the least. Let’s start with me and my genius pregnant brain shall we?.... Lately, things are just NOT connecting for me…and while some of you would perhaps say, “Oh Brittany, things have never connected for you” (shut up Brian and Brandon) it is truly at an unprecedented level as I get closer to the end of this pregnancy. Here’s my most recent example. Yesterday I went to the grocery store in town…the one and only grocery store in town which coincidentally I loathe with all my soul. You have to check EVERYTHING to make sure it’s not already expired and the prices are pretty much what I used to pay in Hawaii for groceries…but guess what folks…this is NOT Hawaii. Anyway, being the health nut that I am (okay that’s a lie) I opted for pretzels rather than chips. Of course I was going with the generic brand and I am pulling out bag after bag after bag that is expired. So now my blood is boiling a bit - and since they were on the bottom shelf I seriously considered leaving them all over the floor – but at the last minute threw them all back onto the shelf – disheveled and not looking pretty (that’ll teach ‘em). So I bought the more expensive brand that didn’t expire until next month. Later, I was voicing my frustration to my mom and told her how every bag expired Aug 1st 08 – to which she informed me that August had in fact not yet occurred this year. My bad D9 Grocery Store! And so I was left with a more expensive bag of pretzels that actually were not as fresh as the others. Okay, back to the Family
Reunion. Here are a few of my finer moments:

- Leaving the HEAVY iron on the ironing board…in the narrow hallway…by the girls’ room…plugged in…with the cord stretched across the hall where 5 kids were running back and forth for hours. Tillia smelled something burning and sweetly (with a few words like moron and idiot thrown in) informed me of my mistake.

- Turning on the gas stove for my dad to cook us some taco shells, but forgetting to make sure it ignited…4-5 minutes later my dad walked over and the smell of gas leaking may have caused him to yell, “BRITTANYYY!” pretty loud. Really relieved I didn’t kill us all. Not your goal for a family reunion.

The whole family after dinner on Brian and Tillia's Deck

- This one is actually really embarrassing. I like sushi. Don’t get it often in Idaho, but it’s such a treat when I go home to North Carolina. So…just the adults went out for dinner one night to this awesome sushi/steak restaurant. Yopana I think it was called – in Lehi, Utah. I’ve had edamame before…you know…I’ve been around the block. So that was the first thing to come out – and they looked delicious coated in salt and just waiting to be eaten. For some reason (I mean really, if I was confused I could have looked at everyone else at the table – but I didn’t feel confused at the time) I popped the whole thing into my mouth and ate it. Stem and all. Later, when I confessed, my family yet again seemed semi-sorry to have me around. I still can’t believe I did that… and it’s always worse when you’re sitting across from Brian who kind of rolls his eyes and shakes his head and lets out his famous, “Oh my Gowwsh” under his breath. Don’t worry though…I was able to power through the rest of the meal and ate TONS of perfect sushi and half a Kobe Steak. Okay, perhaps my last piece of sushi I had to spit out into my fancy napkin (sorry to whoever shook that out later) because Brian said he wouldn’t tell us what was in it until after we ate it. That was enough to psych me out though and it was my first gagging experience in quite a while – (I’m keeping food down pretty well these days…just ask the nurse who weighs me). Turns out it was covered in Flying Fish Eggs. Tillia actually ordered a side of the bright orange eggs just to spread on other things.

Brandon and Maria - looking like a little hot tamale!

Alright, now on to Ian. A few days before we left I took Ian to the doctor in case he needed to get on antibiotics before we left. They said he was fine…liars! Two or three days later my parents were concerned enough to insist I bring him in while we were there. Tillia’s neighbor directly across the street is an E.R. Doctor and agreed to look at Ian for a bowl of Salsa. I wasn’t sure I wanted to part with my dad’s salsa, but agreed it was probably the “motherly” thing to do. So he listened to his chest and back and checked him out and said he either had the beginning of RSV or Pneumonia. Poor Ian was miserable most of the trip. He had NO energy and could barely make it up the stairs without me helping him. He tried to walk up a hill near the playground and had to start crawling. He was the clingiest little boy you have ever seen. He even sat outside the shower while I showered because he wouldn’t let me out of his sight. Which sounds sweet and sad but in reality can make you want to scream “I NEED SOME SPACE!” I know…you’re thinking, “You sure you should be bringing another child into this world?” She’ll be fine! So Ian was exhausted, sick, intolerant of other children, and pretty much a joy for all to be around. Here were some of Ian’s finer moments:

My Sick Boy

- Biting – HARD – Claire who isn’t even two yet because they were both looking at a sit-n-play thing baby Caden had been playing in and they both wanted to touch the little rattles and things on it. Ian is not a biter…not too long ago I was thinking how glad I was we never went through that phase with him. Boy did he make up for it with one arm bite! He bit SO hard that he left individual teeth welts and it is a wonder he didn’t break the skin. Then he sat in timeout for 45 MINUTES because he flat out refused to to apologize to Claire. In fact, she came in the room twice and tried to hug Ian and possibly apologize herself because she is usually the biter and knows the routine, but Ian was not having it. Finally, many tears later he was able to issue a hug.

Ian, Leland and Papa

- Tillia gave all the kids scissors and paper (kid safe scissors of course – which ian had never seen because I let him use real scissors with my help)…so they are all sitting at the kitchen table snipping away and I am sitting there with them looking at one of Tillia’s magazines thinking – “Finally, magazine time!” and after a minute or two I glance up to see Ian snipping their custom blinds!! Not the string that pulls up the blinds…oh no, that would be too easy. He has snipped in about 7 places the strings that run through each blind – so now they are hanging there only connected to the back and looking quite pitiful. I was SICK to my stomach – it was all I could do not to cry. (Rita, if you’re reading this I’m sure you are thinking, “thank goodness I don’t have blinds Ian could destroy the next time he’s here”. I ate a hot dog…or two…you know, to settle my stomach…and I gave Ian a lecture that will hopefully take.

Ian and Papa - boy does Ian love him!

Caden Diego - Just the most precious baby boy ever.

Clairebear in all her cheesing-I-love-the-camera glory!

- There were several other "fine" moments Ian had this trip that made us proud to call him our son....but here he is at Jen and Stan's house (it's not ALL about the Krallis cousins after all!)

Unfortunately Ian rejected a rather sweet kiss from Abby. Here you see her rejecting him for rejecting her (Jen is teaching them all the proper ways of womanhood). Of course Ian was oblivious and onto more important things like mooning the camera while Abby was still teaching him a lesson.

Abby, Ian and Sweet Sammi

The highlight of the trip for Andrew was probably the hike that he, Brian, Brandon and my Dad went on. It was STRAIGHT up a mountain into a cave with a tour guide waiting. Think Andrew was in his element??... I hear he veered off the path and stood close to the edge. That's my man - what can I say. The highlight of the trip for the girls was probably the going to the outlets at Park City. My mom was sweet enough to let Ian come to her hotel and watch him all day - since there was NO way he was letting me out of his sight for some babysitter - and watch movies, color, play, and rest. Ohhh Park City... such wonderful shopping. Maria said it was literally one of the best days of her life... (Brandon, maybe you should let her get out more!) Tillia was quite successful with her treasure hunt as well. Two sexy pairs of shoes, a FABULOUS black Guess purse and wallet and many, many purchases later - she considered it a success. But then again, saying Tillia was successful at shopping is like saying the sun will come up in the morning. Here's a funny side story...Brian and Tillia moved to Utah a year ago I believe and Tillia came home oneday to say, "Brian!! Did you know there are awesome outlets in Park City?!" To which Brian sighed and said, "Oh you found out huh?..." Turns out he had already been THREE times! He's a bit of a shopper himself. Sneaky man...

So, all in was a good trip. Maybe we'll try it again next year. I ate some good food, put on a few more pounds, and learned all the ways I am failing in teaching my son to be socially conscious of others. Yeah for the Krallis Family Reunion!

Another FAV!!