Thursday, July 17, 2008


OBSERVATION - I have decided there are two types of people in this world…Leno people and Letterman people. Letterman people are funny. They appreciate good silly humor as well as deep, thought provoking humor. These are the people you want to be around…the life of the party, if you will. Leno people are not as funny. They laugh at the Letterman people because the Letterman people are the one making jokes. Sometimes Leno people are very intelligent, but boring and incapable of enjoying goofy humor…then again sometimes Leno people are not so smart…not so smart at’tall. I suppose there are a third “type” – those who watch neither and who have no opinion one way or the other – but really, who cares about these people?

Me 9 months pregnant. I had to set the camera up and hit the timer button because there is never anyone around to take pictures of me.

RANDOM STORY - The other night I had several bad dreams. I was watching Larry King a few nights before and he had those Psychic Kids from the show I believe called…”Psychic Kids” on. They must have freaked me out a little because I never dream about ghosts, but there they were, all over the place. Here is the scary part of my dream… Andrew is lying next to me in bed and I reach out to make sure he is there. Then, a minute later I reach out again and he is gone. I start calling him…louder and louder and more and more high pitched. I think maybe he is in our bathroom so I get out of bed and open the door and there is a little boy standing there…oh yeah…and he’s a ghost. I gasp and shut the door – then (and for some reason when I am REALLY scared in a nightmare it turns to rage) I open the door again, but I can’t see him so I start flipping off the room (thinking he is probably in there somewhere) – because nothing scares a ghost like giving them the finger. By the way…I don’t exactly give people the bird…ever…but apparently that did the trick.
So then Andrew woke me up and cuddled me (although as always when I wake him from his sleep he was secretly ticked off at me…ahhh – unconditional love…).

Ian and his cousin Landon hanging out at Andrew's parents. And Hallie in the backround...minding her own business.

RANDOM STORY/OBSERVATION - Today Ian was riding his bike and Andrew was near him. Ian started to fall and Andrew caught him just in time while the bike crashed. Ian called his daddy a super-hero. Then came inside and told me about it. Andrew made him repeat it a few times. Later, Andrew was trying to fix something with the sink and he pulled off this filter (which, FYI – I could have done) and Ian said, “Wow Daddy! You are such a big, strong man!” Ian is really good for Andrew’s self esteem.

Landon is a month older than Ian - but Ian towers over him - like an Shrek if you will.

RANDOM INFO - I am dilated to 1cm. Can I get a WHATWHAT??!! I am scheduled for a c-section August 4th (that’s in 2weeks and 3 days…but who’s counting?), but I guess it’s possible I will go early.
OBSERVATION - I was home alone for several days and it was blissful. Does this make me a bad mother? Andrew and Ian went to visit Andrew's parents a state away and I decided that at 9 months I wasn't up to the drive. I had no car and only myself to entertain me (well, myself and the tv..and the computer) and we were all quite happy together. I did get together a few times with some friends because I am awesome and people just want to be around me. But for the most part it was just me...alone. I don't think I have been away from Ian for more than one night in the past 3 1/2 years. And the times I have been away from Andrew I was with Ian. Anyway, I think this whole 4-5 days alone thing should be something we try every...oh...two months...or at least every year. I'm just sayin'...something to think about.

Ian trying to do the Spiderman web-throw...not sure why but it makes him really you can see. He has not quite perfected the technique as you can also see.

RANDOM STORY - Two doctor's appointments ago I had gained about 5 pounds in two months and my doctor said...(and I quote)..."whoa, you've gained some weight". And I thought, "Listen you skinny, granola girl...if you think this is a lot of weight you should have seen me pregnant with Ian". So then the next visit I didn't gain anything and she was quite happy and asked me what I had been doing. I think i made up something about chasing Ian around and being outside more...but to tell the truth i have no idea why I didn't gain weight. It was just lucky happening. Then this last time I gained about 6 lbs. And when I looked at her with my guilty naughty puppy look she said, "Ohhh you're fine!" - all happy and encouraging. And here come the OBSERVATION part of my story... I think my doctor is screwing with my mind and emotions.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

I was pleasantly surprised with the hardcore parade this little town was able to pull off on the 4th. At one point we even had 3 jets fly overhead. It was one of the best parades I have ever seen...not that I'm really a parade girl, but still - it was impressive. Ian had a blast and got more candy than Halloween! But really how could anyone resist throwing candy from their floats towards such an adorable boy?...

Andrew had to work so it was just me and the boy...and my belly. We actually ended up skipping out on the fireworks that night because they didn't start until 10:30pm and we were worn out. There's always next year...

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from the parade if anyone is interested... Not going to post it because it's kind of boring but there was a big Republican float that kind of blew the Democrat float out of the water...not that that's surprising here in of the diverse...and by diverse I mean white Republicans who all like to hunt and fish and like to talk about - you guessed it - hunting and know, not to stereotype...
My shocked husband informed me that i may not have been using my best motherly judgement when letting my child put a boa around his little neck...he may have compared it to giving him a loaded gun and then telling him smile. I can only say it truly NEVER crossed my mind that this could be dangerous. I plead insanity by pregnancy.
Airshow! Kind of...
Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities...not sure why...

Ian yelled, "Mommy, Look at the PIRATES!!!" basically if they have a hat and some kind of weapon then he considers them a pirate!
Deep in Thought.
Needless to say...we got soaked!

One of Ian's favorite floats!

Ian's FAVORITE truck in the parade!
Tillia, I know you play Bunco...just wanted you to see the crowd you would be hangin' with if you lived here.
LDS Float!
Ian clutching some candy.

My little street beggar...he learned very quickly how to get the good stuff!

Cascade Beauty Queens...Cascade Drag-queens actually. I would LOVE to see a real drag-queen here! I can't even imagine the reactions they would get!

Smoky the Bear says, "Only you can prevent forest fires!"
After 10 lbs of candy, being soaked by the firetruck, a snowcone, otter pop and lots of sun...i think it is ready to call it a day!

The big finale with all the horses. a Nutshell

This may be my least humorous blog to date because...well...i guess June just wasn't a very funny month. Let's see:

- Ian got a bike
- Ian ate a big cookie
- We went to the Lake a few times, (it's about 5-10 minutes from our house which is nice)
- We celebrated Father's Day
- Ian joined a Book Club through the Library that I have yet to follow through with
- And...uhhh...i got fat

So there you have it. June in a nutshell.
New Bike! He is such a big kid~ Thank you Thank you Thank you Papa!
At a party eating a cookie. Food makes this kid SO HAPPY. Guess he really is my son~
Father's Day - I saw an idea to make a card with a tie for Father's Day, but since Andrew doesn't wear a tie to work, i thought this was more appropriate. I spent hours upon hours upon hours on this stinkin' card! I took pictures of Andrew's uniform and sized and printed out his badge and walkie-talkie and name tag and found the perfect flag online and tried to space everything symmetrically and yet...and still looks like a 5th grader made it. Maybe even a 4th grader.
See that face Andrew is making? (If you click on the picture you can really get a good look). That is his, "I'm humoring my sweet wife by taking this picture but i am really DESPERATE to turn around and watch the Laker Game" face.
Tried to get some Father's Day pictures in the field two houses away from us on our way to church for both our dads. Unfortunately it was more like a marsh and the mosquitos were horrible! It was about a 90 second photo shoot.
NERD ALERT! You don't even want to know how long they looked for "treasure" with Todd's metal detector!

I know I should be mortified to post this picture....but (no pun intended) seriously it is so adorable I can't help myself!!
Fishing at the Lake
Our men dug some holes for Cheryl and I so we could fit our pregnant bellies face down. It was blissful to lay on my stomach for a few minutes!
Ian and his bud, Bryce at the Book Club.
Amazonian bugs - like seriously straight from the amazon. They were the size of birds.
Ian's response to Amazonian bugs.

Ian "helping" Andrew mow the front lawn - with his water gun...

Another FAV!!