Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot Feet

Some random pictures before we begin...

Owen looking tough kid gangsta. That's right, he could totally beat up your two month old... Go on... test him...

Ian took this picture. I think my face looks weird, but Andrew likes it.

This was taken way back in April - that is Cade on the far right, and again below. Just so you have a visual for the story you are about to read...

I should be sleeping right now. Everyone else in this house is sleeping, but I would rather make "the people" (that's all my fans out there) happy by giving them a new blog.

Today I hung out with my friend Kim and her youngest son Cade. (For those of you keeping track, Kim was on electric guitar in our band - scroll down several entries for some rad band pics). Anyway, Cade and Ian are the same age - although, Cade is a wee bit tougher than Ian. Okay FINE!! He's a LOT tougher than Ian - happy now?? But he has three super tough older siblings so it's to be expected. Anyway, Kim left and Cade stayed to hang with Ian. They were having a great time; running around the yard, taking turns on the bike and making pretend fires in Ian's little tent. (FYI - Cade may be tougher but his pretend fire was WEEEAK! Ian's on the other hand could have won a merit badge. I'm not kidding. He formed a rock circle, had a huge flat rock in the middle and crossed the little sticks for appropriate oxygen levels to get the fire started. So live with that Cade...live...with...that.)

I was in and out of the house and thank goodness I was outside when the trauma happened. Last night Andrew and Ian had a fire in the fire pit in our yard. So I'm talking to Tillia on the phone and the boys run towards the fire pit to get a Frisbee and I thought I saw Cade jump and the next thing I hear is horrible screaming/crying. I think I dropped the phone in the grass and went running over to find Cade (out of the fire pit thank goodness), but sitting down with his feet completely covered in dirt and ashes. And even worse he had on those sandal/sneakers with no socks. I pulled off his shoes and scooped him up (he is heavy, but I had the adrenaline and strength of a bodybuilder at that moment) and ran over to the hose (or spicket rather) and ran ice cold water on his feet. Then I picked him up again (this time he felt a little heavier - he is seriously a solid kid!) and carried him inside. By the time he stopped crying I realized my legs and hands were shaking a little. No permanent damage...maybe some psychological, but hey that's what therapy's for right? And hopefully he's young enough that he will not remember it was me and blame his mother instead. I spent the rest of his time here trying to make it up to him with the last Otter Pop, watching Dora the Explorer, letting him eat in the living room, coloring with chalk and making goofy faces at him which by the way, did not bring a smile to his face.

So, two valuable lessons learned here:
1 - do not jump into a fire pit... ever. even if it looks soft and sooty and inviting.
2 - little boys are... well, kind of stupid.

Alright, I don't want to be one of those annoying moms who thinks their kid is hilarious and tells stories that no one else thinks are funny... it just so happens my kid is in fact hilarious. Like, universally funny. He makes awesome faces, he can dance for reals or to get a laugh and when the time comes I am pretty sure the delivery and timing of his jokes will be dead-on. So, I just wanted to add some Ianisms (as i like to call them) that he has said in the past few weeks.

If you don't find these funny, then you either:
A) hate children
B) have no sense of humor
C) have been jaded by the world and/or my superior sense of humor.

And now I present...


1) a few days ago a friend talked me into adjusting/cracking my neck. something i never EVER do and am kind of against... (anyone who knows the hendersons knows what i'm referring to.) But, I am constantly hunched over the baby and my neck and shoulders are killing...so, i agreed. And Dan (who is coincidentally Kim's husband, Cade's dad) adjusted my neck. He was sort of shaking it around to get me loose (because I could NOT relax it) and Ian RAN over to us and got in between us and said, "What are you doing to my Mommy?! YOU'RE BREAKING HER HEAD!" I was pretty impressed he tried to protect me.

2) the other morning i made ian and i this carnation instant breakfast/banana shake. you know how sometimes when you eat ice cream or milk - it can make you phlegmy and you start coughing? well, ian started coughing a lot. then he walked up to me and said, "this makes me cough. what is it?.... coffee (coughee) or somethin'?"


3) i was holding owen - who was sleeping - and ian wanted to wake him up. when i asked why?, ian said he needed to show owen something. he was holding up one of owen's shirts and and looking at the tag and said, "see mommy! it has baby owen on it!" - it was actually a picture of the Gerber baby on the tag, but obviously the adorableness factor is the same.

4) this one is embarrassing...i know everyone in both my and andrew's families will judge us, but yesterday we were all sitting around in the living room with Seinfeld on in the background. andrew was laying on the floor, i was sitting on the couch with owen, and ian was building a city with his blocks. you know those progressive insurance commercials?
here is the link if you haven't seen it:
it came on and no one was really paying attention - ian was completely focused on his blocks, but just as she says, "yeah, or a big tricked out (pause) name-tag", ian says "name-tag" in perfect unison with her. andrew sat up as fast as possible and we looked at each other while ian continued looking at his blocks. in fact, he never once looked up. yes, yes.. i know, i get it.. will be cutting back the tv time...

and in the interest of getting to bed relatively soon i will only share one more.

5) the other morning ian climbed in bed with me and i said, "morning buddy. did you have good dreams last night?" now, usually i don't ask him about his dreams. i used to, but he would always say he dreamed about snakes - i have a feeling he was lying because no one dreams about snakes every single night. anyway, he said - "yeah, i was THERE!" and i said, "you were where?!" and he said, "NOO Mommy, IAN was IN my dream!! iiii was there!!" it never occurred to me dreaming about yourself could be a brand new experience. and last night he said he had a dream that sweetie pie (for anyone who isn't familiar, again - scroll down and find sweetie pie entry) turned into a giant white bunny...like a transformer. it's his first real weird honest-to-goodness dream that he could articulate. those of you who really know me know i have the most vivid, crazy dreams anyone could imagine. and for some reason i am oddly proud of his cat to bunny transformer dream.

i know this entry started out with words being capitalized, but i got lazy... just deal with it people.

ps kim, if you read this...sorry i burned your kid's feet. and sorry i publicly called him (and all little boys) stupid.

Another FAV!!