Saturday, November 22, 2008


i am currently in north carolina visiting my
family for a month. i wish i could have come just a little earlier, when the state fair was in town. does it make me a redneck and a wee bit trashy that going to the fair is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world? i'm pretty sure it makes me cultured with sophisticated taste - but i can't really back that up. mmm fair corn dogs...funnel cakes...scary rides...corn dogs...fried oreos...livestock...people in overalls with racist bandannas...people with big chains and racist t-shirts...corn dogs...bears in horribly small glass cages...corn dogs...and the list
goes on and on.. i have yet to go to any other state's fair. a) i believe it would make me a sell-out and b) perhaps some of you would say the food is the same - it can't be! says i. southern fair food is on a whole other level - again, can't really back that up.

ian has pretty much had the time of his life. i think he just realized that daddy is not with us about two days ago. he is starting to really miss him. today he told me he was sad and missed daddy and that he needed to cuddle. but he has also claimed that EVERY day has been "the best day" or "a GREAT day". ian has been to the movies with papa twice, played at the indoor mall playground twice and jumped on the crazy harness trampoline at the mall once, eaten out, had more (mostly caffeine-free) soda than any child should, eaten out a few times and had what he called the best rice with soy sauce ever at a sushi place, gone out on the boat one last time before the boat retired for winter, caught a fish, bought a few new cars, played with papa's huge remote controlled jeep, watched transformers with papa (mommy wasn't going to let him but papa fast forwarded thru all the war stuff and scarier stuff and did a great fake laugh to let ian know it was indeed funny.. ian is still begging to see it again). ian will only allow memere to put him to bed - they have a pretty good routine going. basically he is going to go into lack-of-fun-shock when we get back to idaho. not that watching the snow fall and fall and fall and staying away from the wood burning stove aren't exhilarating activities.

owen marshall is getting bigger and starting to laugh a little and drool a ton. wish i could tell you more about him - but he has yet to do much more than that. he is rolling onto his side (not all the way over) but still - that's pretty exciting no? uhhh... his nails are like little razors and his hair has some random long patches. and... i'm out. that's all i got.

speaking of hair, as you can see i chopped mine off. the guy who did it was awesome! he was trained by vidal sassoon and lived in scotland in some kind of program with them. he is pretty high up in the hair biz but on tuesdays he does hair for half off - you know, to keep it real and hang with the not so elite clientelle. and that is why i got to go to him - thanks for keeping it real scott. this is what i know about him: he is straight, grew up around salons (his dad owns several and his mom did hair, loves amsterdam with a slightly obsessive level, wants to move there but couldn't leave his parents so he goes four times a year. i found this out when i said "oh, so do you try to go once a year?" to which he said, "i usually go about four times a year." to which i thought - "wow... you know you're poor when your mind doesn't even go to the place of people traveling to the same place abroad more than once a year."

highlights for me so far:
-hanging out with my sister-in-law tia ria (or aunt maria for those of you who no speaky espanol).
-going to d.c.
-madame toussand's wax museum - straight up high class yo.
-hanging with kim h.
-getting a free stone massage!!! can i get a whatwhat?!
-window shopping - ahhh...if only where i lived had windows for such a purpose...
-watching a few movies with my dad - who may be the only one is as into movies as me.

i can't think of any great stories right now. will post again soon. hopefully hanging with the following people soon:
-annie hardison moody
-annie howington
-emily williford black
-tammy edwards -can'trememberherlastnamerightnow-somethingwitha"y"i think
-juli helmer kilgore
-brandon fields
anyone else want to get in on that list??

Another FAV!!