Sunday, September 13, 2009


okay, that title is there are in fact many, many things i love about nature; trees, wheat fields, picnics, "sweet light" time, crisp autumn air, pumpkin patches and the list really and truly does go on. however, after ian, myself and finally owen all getting stung by yellow jackets in the last 5 days and after walking outside and seeing the horror-fest above my front door, i am feeling at war with nature. i used to HATE spiders - have nightmares that they were COVERING my floor and i had no where to go... but i thought i was mostly past that. then i saw this little "beauty" over our front door. our neighbor killed it with some of our spider spray - it took a TON to kill it - and my heart is still racing. i feel like i just walked away from a car accident. my adrenaline was kicked up and i swear my heart was doing this horrible flutter thing (not the good kind) and i was left clutching my heart. i feel like it's crawling on my as i type it crawling on me?!!! (shudder!!) why do i feel like i'm gonna throw up?? uuuhhggggg!!!!!! forget the bears in the trash and the dead fawn carried up a tree in our front yard, THIS is the stuff of nightmares...
EXHIBIT A: the itsy bitsy killer

EXHIBIT B: our rabidly filling bee/yellowjacket trap

EXHIBIT C: nest #1

and EXHIBIT D: nest #2

and this is all just the front side of the house!!

ohh...i have never felt so sick after a post...gotta....go....lie....down........

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inside my Heart (ps...I rate this post PG-13...ish)

Ten musically enhanced clips/videos/excerpts/"moments" that make me HAPPY!!! I feel like I am revealing bits of my true nerdy/over-the-top-theatrics loving self...and it's scary...(deep breath)...but I hold my head high and shout, "I AM A MOVIE/THEATER NERD! I LOVE SPECTACLE AND LIGHTS AND OVER-THE-TOP ACTING, LIVE SINGING, COSTUMES, AUDITIONS AND MOST OF ALL, NERDY TALENT THAT COOL PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF!" okay, i didn't really yell that because both the boys are napping. but here it is anyway:

1. GLEE: "Don't Stop Believin'" - Ohhhh yeah... may have watched this more than a few times... This show (or at least the first episode) rocks my little Idaho-world. Man did we used to ROCK OUT to Journey in High School...and that wasn't even my generation, but even in '98 and '99 I could appreciate rockin' music that came out the year I was born... So hat's off to "Glee" for making me fall in love with Journey all over again.

2. Thanks, Dad - for making me watch this movie until I learned to appreciate it!...
The movie: Blues Brothers
The Song: "Think"
The Singer: Aretha
(Wish I could find the minute or so leading up to her singing, but oh well)..

3. Whoo! This one makes me giggle... many a sleepover we watched this movie. The last five minutes or so in particular. And that part, (Ohhhh yeahh...YOU know that part...) when Patrick Swayze wrinkles his nose and says, "and i owe it all to you!" - well, i will just say this, "rewind". And that we did, again, and again, and again we would rewind that part. 8th grade Slumber parties, anywhere from 5-13 or so girls, this is what went down - lol. So here it is - and may i just say... "No one puts Baby in the corner"...melting...sigh.. (couldn't find a clip that the "no one puts Baby in the corner" line AND the nose wrinkle, so here is the whole song - but still minus the nose wrinkle at the very, very end...can't find it anywhere - however, i HIGHLY recommend watching this. Don't you love how all the camp counselors had been secretly choreographing a number for just such an opportunity?
4. I was not allowed to see the movie "Flashdance" as a kid, (and rightfully so!) but somehow I have seen these clips many-a-time. I just explained to Andrew how in the 80's you could dramatically run in place for minutes on end and it basically made you a kick-butt dancer. I did not realize just HOW MANY awesome moves have been "lifted" from "Flashdance" until watching this little montage again. Boy did they dance with feeling back then - LOL. Enjoy..
5. "Girls just wanna - they just wanna-a-aaaa.." SING it!
You loved it. Don't deny it. Possibly (possibly i said) may have made a certain younger brother try to do some of these lifts with me when we were elementary age... it did not end well. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" - it's a DANCE OFF, fools! (side note..when the wolf calls him a "butt-head"!!!....gasp....i thought that was SOOOO naughty as a kid. I'm still semi-uncomfortable with it..
6. "Shag"....basically any movie set in, filmed in, or about NC or SC has a special place in my l'il southern heart. I ALMOST bought this movie the other day. (Don't worry "Shag" for a $1.00 in the thrift store, I am coming back for you). PS a big "THANK YOU" to Anne and Rick Hardison for teaching me these sweet moves!!!! (Love you Mom and Dad, but being the little Floridian girl and Cali-boy that you two are, had to learn some Southern appreciation from my friends' parents.)
(please excuse the small curse in the first two seconds - although she's so prim it almost doesn't sound like one)...
"MYRTLE BEACH - SPRING BREAK '98 - WOOOOHOOOOO!!!" (please imagine that a la arrested development style - with the blurs..)
7. Tony Awards! Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenewith. No more needs to be said. (Oh except this - don't you LOVE when they cut to her hubby Taye D. in the audience?!! LOVES IT!) He's on another type of list of mine... (it's okay, Andrew totally accepts it. Just like I accept that Megan Fox is on his list.... lousyactresstramp...)
8. Oh how I LOVED me some Bryan Adams. Knew every song on my Bryan Adams tape. And then when he did the theme for "Robin Hood"...heart be still... anyway, I watched the credits many times and vaguely remember holding a tape recorder to the t.v. so I could listen to the song, write down the words and learn them... What?? who said that? How lame... I mean I was out doing awesome stuff like break-dancing and snowboarding before it was even cool - yes, that's how cool i am. (side note: LOVED when they got married in the woods with the leaves falling and the wreath on her head.... possibly subconsciously influenced the fall colors in my own wedding flowers...hmm, never put that together before. See? We are ALL learning new things about me.)
Also, same thing with the song at the end of "The Princess Bride" (tape recorder, nerdsville, etc..)
9. Cool MTV videos with enough theatrics to make me LOVE these....
- "Helena" by My Chemical Romance. Love, love, love, love, love and oh yeah, LOVE this! Not entirely sure why I love it so much. If any aspiring psychologist wants to take a stab at why I have watched this 100 times, go at it.

- "Perfect Situation" by Weezer. Same amount of Love for this one too...
- "Anything for Love" by...wait for it...MEATLOAF. I know it's like this combo of sci-fi meets broadway meets lol ridiculousness, but the heart loves what it loves. And oh yeah... I would do ANYthing for love, but I WON'T do that.
- This past year's Video Music Awards there were two that rocked my world. PInk's "So What" - MAN i want to be her JUST for these four minutes or so.. Look how BAD she looks in that picture down there! Go on with your bad self, Pink. and Rihanna's Disturbia.(Incidentally, I do not find her a great singer, but this performance/song/choreography/dancers were pretty sick).

- I couldn't post this tonight without a shout-out to Aerosmith's "Crazy" and "Cryin" videos - is there anyone who didn't at one time love those?! (although why you wouldn't still LOVE them i have no idea It's getting late and that is the meanest thing i could come up with) - so ZING! take that Aerosmith haters.

10. And finally, tying all these cool moves together and rounding out this top ten list, "Flight of the Conchord's" - Bret's Angry
Hope your day has been enriched. And to anyone (although i highly doubt anyone did) who watched alllll of these clips, don't you have something better to do??!!
(it's okay, you can admit just to me that your heart was all a twitter whilst taking this walk with me down memory lane...wink, wink!)
One more, an honorable mention to Napoleon Dynamite. Watch it. You know you want to. And then when you're done, run out of the room with your head leading your body.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Boot Camp is a directly quoted conversation i had with ian a little while ago:
IAN: "mommy, you know why I’m so crazy?? Because you had a crazy baby in your tummy!"
ME: "yeah - and we named him ian!"
IAN: "yep, that's why i slap myself in the face like this..*SLAP*
ME: "ian! DON'T hit yourself!"
IAN: "but momma, i can't help had a crazy baby in your tummy and it's ME!!!"

please tell me other people have these type of conversations with their four year olds and that slapping ones self in the face is "normal" boy behavior.. you know what, even if it's not true, just lie to me.

the other night we were at a little football party (boise state vs oregon)- which apparently was like one of the biggest games in boise state's history...(yawn)...sorry bsu fans! anyway, we caught the tail end of the ncstate/clemson game and my tummy did a little flip~ i thought, "i've been to that stadium!" and i wondered how many were people were in the stadium and tailgating that i knew there. i asked andrew if it made him just the tiniest bit homesick (it did not incidentally). so everyone there had these duck calls (still not entirely sure why..oregon ducks?..i don't know...) and whenever something big happened the house (and probably neighborhood) was filled with the always soothing sound of dying ducks.. two times of this and poor little owen yet again thought the world was coming to an end. ian can SCREAM in his face all day long, but any sound that is not the norm for owen and he falls to pieces. actually he "fell to pieces" in another way too - sitting on the hard tile floor in the kitchen, somehow his giant head pulled him forward (still not positive as no one completely saw how it happened) and he smacked his forehead HARD on the floor. he screamed and screamed and screamed (while crying of course) for several minutes. he never cries that hard so it must have really hurt. we took him outside to calm him down and eventually were able to bring him back in...(until said duck-call time hit) and then we decided perhaps the party would be more party-like without us there. ian was super bummed to go since he was playing with a bunch of new friends. he wanted to borrow his friend desmond's cool disc shooter. desmond said "no", i said, "NO", even the dog said, "no", but it was not a reasonable for answer for ian who broke into heaving sobs as we got into the car. he and owen egged each other on in a crying contest the whole way home. andrew and i just shook our heads and laughed and i said, "see? you REALLY want to have another kid??" "no", he said, "not at the moment". ian finally calmed down about 30 minutes later and while sitting at the kitchen table with an occasional sniff he said - just as serious as could be, "momma, why are all his toys awesome and all my toys are weak sauce?" andrew and i could barely keep a straight face - andrew tells ian quite frequently that his wrestling moves are "weak sauce" or if i throws a ball less than impressively it's "weak sauce" - and ian gives it right back to andrew - but apparently his toys are weak sauce too.

oh and as a side note, andrew received a mini-lecture from a lady at the party about how it's our own fault that owen cries and gets scared of noises because... we "coddle" him too much. she then compared him to a tougher one year old...lily. needless to say andrew was pretty annoyed. all babies, but owen and lily in particular couldn't be more different. they have completely different eating habits and likes, completely different things make them laugh, get their attention, make them cry, and the list goes on... how dumb to tell someone their 12 month old isn't tough enough - but we decided to enroll owen in a baby boot camp just in case he is being coddled too much. his day will start with a vigorous baby work-out, followed by breakfast in which he will prepare his own meal and feed himself. then all the babies will stand (or sit in owen's case) in a line while the drill sergeant yells things like, "you little maggot! why don't you call for your mommy you momma's boy! are you a quitter or are you a TOUGH BABY?!" then owen will respond "TOUGH BABY, SIR".

"YOU CAN'T EVEN BRUSH YOUR OWN TEETH - ARE YOU SURE YOU CRY BABY?!" "SIR-YES-SIR", owen will yell. then nap time, more working out, another meal or two, a baby obstacle course followed by rigorous cleaning of all the floors and toilets and light's out. we feel it will be money well-spent, because is there anything worse than a baby who can't make their own way in this world?.. i didn't think so.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Baby


"Dear Mommy, Daddy and Ian,

(Owen here). Just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings after one whole year on this Earth. I am sure glad I came into this family!

Mommy, you aren't much of a cook (see picture of cupcakes from my birthday)

but you make up for it with lots of kisses, being a super fast crawler and chaser and teaching Ian and I awesome dance moves.

I know you did a lot of throwing up when you were growing me in your tummy and I know I made you tired and just a "tad" bit moody... (sorry, Dad).

And I also know you were surprised when out came a boy, but thanks for adjusting so quickly (and also for not giving me a girlie name).

I enjoyed my pink and brown nursery
and car seat ...for a time,
but I definitely feel the pirate theme is more "me".

So thanks for changing it up for me. I know I'm not much of a cuddler, but I am getting better at those kisses so keep working with me!

Daddy, it was obvious to everyone (including me - even though I was only minutes old..) that you were THRILLED to have two boys!

Thanks for telling Mommy that you thought I was "the greatest thing to happen to mankind" - I will do my best to live up to your expectations. I can already crawl, pull myself up on the furniture, eat faster than any human should be able to, say a few words and last night I took my first yeah... I think I'm off to a pretty good start of being an awesome person. Thanks for all the wrestling and tickles and especially for throwing me so high and making me laugh harder than anyone else is able to do.

You are one FANTASTIC Dad and I promise to continue squealing with delight everytime you walk into the room.

And last, but certainly not least, Ian. Ian, Ian, Ian... You are one awesome big brother. I know I can be annoying when I cry and mess up your cities of blocks, but thanks for being so patient with me. Thank you for dragging me (literally) all over the house so I don't have to be alone. I love to hang out with you and someday I will learn to keep up with you - (You sure are fast!!) Thanks for sharing your lollipops with me when Mommy's not looking and for taking me out of my crib in the mornings (even though Mommy tells you NOT to alllll the time! - boy she is a buzz-kill sometimes).
Thanks for teaching me how to play with cars and how to wrestle and play chase and hide under a blanket (even if I'm not the one who puts the blanket over myself) and go on "bear hunts" and draw with marker on myself. It has been an invaluable education thus far. I love you and I couldn't ask for a cooler and nicer big brother.

So gang, thanks for a great year. And I know you all feel bad I didn't have much of a "party" this year, but the good news is I can't seem to remember what you said just four minutes ago so I will most likely not remember anyway!

Mommy, thanks for the homemade birthday banner and sign and decorations.

I know I am loved.

Owen Marshall. Out."

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