Wednesday, January 28, 2009


last night as a three year old..

birthdays are a big least in my world. after hours of looking for a transformers pan online (there are none that i'm aware of) and picking the perfect picture to sketch onto a cake, and making mini-cupcakes and setting up something special for ian to wake up to, i collapsed into content exhaustion. you see, while i love surprises and surprising others and creating and maintaining traditions, it doesn't always come as natural to me as it does to others. i spend hours upon hours picking the right font for a card, decorating the birthday cake, arranging and then re-arranging the table that ian will see when he wakes up. all for little ones who will have no memory of these early birthdays. but as tillia says, "it's all about the photos" - and so here they are:

here is the little present, card and mini-cupcake ian woke up to. i even used the real china... ahhh to be four again. eating mini-cupcakes for breakfast on mom's china without a care in the world...

TADAAA! the cake that took me hours. and i do mean HOURS to design. i even made the frosting ALL BY MYSELF - something i have never done (or even thought of doing) before! it was hard - and scary - but i powered thru and mixed and mixed and colored the frosting gray and blue. just once, i would like to bake something that looks professional. where someone looks at it and puts their hands to their face and says, "oh my! you should sell these! you have such talent!" instead i generally get the pity/i'm-proud-of-your-effort head cocked to the side as someone says something like, " did really goooood". in that "bless your heart" kind of way. oh well...that cake above is as good as it gets.

ian pre-party.
we had a ton of helium balloons (thanks to julie) and lots of preschoolers and preschoolers' siblings running around the church gym like caged animals being set free. we also played duck-duck-goose (which i realized once we started playing that my son had never seen or played before!) and a musical numbers game where when the music stopped they had to go find a number to stand on that i had placed on the ground. then a child got to pull a number out of a bag and whoever was standing on that number got to come get a party favor.


when our neighbor, todd arrived, he announced to all the moms (and a few four olds) that "the stripper is here". at the lds moms...and children... but todd would never let a little thing like "being appropriate" stop him from getting a laugh..

mommy and ian

andrew retrieving the flyaway balloons... and looking very happy here to do so!

all in all, it was a great day. owen slept, ian partied and mommy and daddy got extra hugs and kisses. love you ian. you are the coolest four year old i know.

owen watching the festivities from a safe distance~

Another FAV!!