Sunday, March 29, 2009


so, i was trying to work backwards with my five part blog. but as it turns out, i am a quitter. i have lost interest. i guess i will entitle this one Part IV of V, but there will be no part V. a while ago i uploaded a TON of pictures and saved an unfinished blog as a draft. i've decided for this one i am just going to put a link to a few of my facebook albums. okay, here we go...
i can't believe i'm sharing this story, but it's kind of a funny one - and rita, it includes you! my back went completely out recently - like can't-hold-my-baby out. andrew took the kids to his parents and took great care of me! at least i think he took great care of me...i was in a vicodin/muscle relaxer/anti-inflammatory haze for most of that time. andrew was working nights and one night - around 3am, i was wide awake. i'm still not really sure what happened - 24 hour bug or something - but i was fighting away the urge to throw up and watching an infomercial. and then i did something i have NEVER done! something i have wanted to do many many many times - something throughout the years that andrew and i have discussed many time because it just so seemed like this thing (which varied) could make our life complete... i ordered the tv! things i have wanted to order before: the thing that has a light on it and cuts paper for scrapbooking - even though i don't scrapbook - but if only i had that i know i would be a scrapbooking star!, the magic-bullet (isn't that what it's called) - you know, that little food processer thing? i'm not a great cook, but if i had the magic bullet i KNOW i could be star chef!, knives, hair products - like that bump-it thing - the ladies know what i'm talking about.. and countless other brilliant little inventions. so anyway, i ordered something and then the second i got off the phone i threw up. like majorly/wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor - threw up. and finally, sleep came. the next day i was talking to my friend, rachael (waddup ml?), when i gasped and said, "oh my gosh! i ordered something from the tv at 3am and i cannot remember what it was!!" it took me a day or so, but it finally all came back. and here is the embarrassing part. (deep breath)... oh for the love...i don't know if i can type this. for some of you, this is no big deal, for others, it's a tad scandalous and some of you may just laugh as you picture me using this product... i ordered... workout tapes. not just any workout tapes...oh workout tapes. three to be precise. one of them involving a chair - i haven't yet tried that one. we only have four chairs and i would hate to have to explain how i broke one doing a sexy work out routine. i think one of the tapes is entitled "booty beatz". i locked myself in the bedroom once my back was all healed and did that one. it is the most i have ever laughed at my own reflection in the mirror! the girls in the video - as in all workout videos were HOT. perfect bods, hair down, makeup on and just ohhh so happy to be doing what they do. i will give myself the compliment that i picked up the routine very quickly (guess that street jazz and cheerleading i did in my youth finally paid off!) however...and this is a big HOWEVER...i looked a bit different doing the same moves. i can do the "party girl" move pretty awesome as i have been doing that one for years, but some of the other moves - which i am too embarrassed to even tell you the names of - were quite a sight to see with a plus-sized girl in baggy black sweats and a sweaty, red face and things jiggling that don't jiggle on the wannabestrippers performing. so, as andrew and i were leaving to go pick up our little ones from nana's, my tapes came in the mail. i grabbed them on the way out, showed andrew and had a good laugh as i tried to imagine these workouts. finally we met andrew's parents at the halfway point, and his mom helped get things/children switched over to our car. and what does my four year old do? he grabs all three tapes out of their discreet brown envelope and says, "mommy! what are these??!" i grabbed them quickly - very, very quickly and said at an almost yell, "THOSE ARE MOMMY'S WORKOUT TAPES". i was pretty sure rita saw the back of one of the tapes. the one with a hottie on a chair - burning calories and looking good doing it.. i was embarrassed. mostly because i was not yet prepared to explain those tapes to anyone. sooo... rita, wanna workout with me next time i visit?

the leprechaun came to our house the night before st. patricks day. i told ian he was coming and how we all needed to have on green or we would get pinched. before ian went to bed i told him to get on his pj's and he said,
"but mom! the man is coming!"
to which i said, "what man?? does daddy have someone coming over?"
"NOOO MOMMY that MAN! you know, that MAN? i can't put on my pj's because i have to wear this shirt or he will punch me!" (said in an almost-panic by the way).
(i just stared at him in confusion).
and then i got it! "ohh! you mean the leprechaun?! okay, you are right, you can sleep in that shirt". (followed by some lol's).

that night, he left green cookies and green candies for ian, some cute signs around the house, a letter to ian, and you know how mischievious leprechauns can be...he moved things in the wrong places! he put the chairs upside down and some on top of the table, he turned over owen's sit-n-play toy, he put the coffee table center piece where the toys go and the toy basket on the coffee table AND he t.p.'d the house! ian loved the green cookies and candies the leprechaun left, but could not comprehend why he would purposely make a mess and be naughty. i tried to explain he did it as a joke, but ian seemed more concerned then amused.

(naughty leprechaun!)
(a note for ian and some green cookies)

fast forward about 9 hours later. i was about to have my first physical therapy appointment and we could NOT find the keys! andrew was upset, i was upset and ian decided he was upset too. we looked EVERYWHERE! i knew it was my fault because andrew and i both remembered my picking up the keys off the floor, but we remembered nothing past that. andrew had to go to work after my appointment and was starting to panic for his own reasons. we looked EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! everywhere we could think! after almost an hour of searching and me cancelling my first physical therapy appt, ian said, "mommy, did that leprechaun TAKE them?!" "YES!!!" i shouted - relieved to have a scapegoat! "well, he didn't take them, but he moved them somewhere! he is SO NAUGHTY!" ian decided we should set up a trap next year to catch him. andrew said he would be waiting with a shotgun...which i thought was a bit extreme, but like i said, he was pretty upset. guess where that leprechaun put those keys?! in ian's toy box. he must have cleaned up a toy on the ground when he was holding the keys and dropped them in there. leprechauns are the worst.

owen will be waking up any minute, so i will end this for now. here are the links to a few albums.

things in this album: winter carnival, game night with todd and cheryl, my birthday, snow sculptures, and kids.

things in this album: valentine's day, outing with cheryl, friends, and visit to spokane/deer park.
ahhh... this is much easier than posting all these i must say!



Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Videos! Be patient if you only see one - these things take FOREVER to upload. Okay, uploaded two - done for tonight - more to come soon~


Owen Marshall saying "Hi"... kind of...


Ride 'em Cowboy

(don't mind the broken chair and mess in the backround!)


just some january randomness~
ian looking ADORABLE.
Ian and Daddy...and Owen Marshall's head.
After Church.
Working on breakdancing moves. Seriously. We watch kids breakdancing on youtube and then ian attempts the moves. My kid rocks.
Photo shoot of Mommy and Owen - picture by Ian!
Family Outing! Fun at the Winter Festival...and no...Mommy and Daddy did NOT get into a tiff because Daddy said he was (quote) - "just here to hold things"...
Look at the excitement in Andrew's eyes!!
Snow Sculpture Fun.
Mommy and Ian.
Cheryl and Lily came with us.
Ian and his buddy Kade. Those are Ian's FAVORITE socks because his cousin Coleman gave them to him. Nothing like used socks to build a kid's self esteem!
Bathing in the sink. He is still soooo tiny!
Ian completely dressed himself for the day...

Another FAV!!