Wednesday, May 13, 2009

croup, ear infections and other pleasant things...

here are the complete albums on my facebook account from our trip to utah, easter egg hunts, easter sunday, etc...


i am feeling a bit overwhelmed with how behind i am on my bloggity blog.. where to start, where to start... let's work backwards shall we?
(ian, evelyn, leland and claire at the dinosaur museum in utah. sadly my camera died the second after i took this shot - which was taken in the entrance of the museum by the way. one of three fun places we went and i don't even have photographic evidence. i was NOT happy.)

(ian, claire and leland)

PART 1. we have now been back from our utah "vacation" for a few weeks. "vacation". what a silly word.. it brings to mind images of sitting around on weathered, white adirondack chairs, soaking up the sun, playing hard and going to bed exhausted, sleeping in and having lots of laughs. i would like to give to the world MY definition of "vacation". (clearing throat...) "ahem... Vacation: doctor's visits, croup for the entire family and any relatives within the household, upper respiratory infections, shots three days in a row for your baby and a shot for your four year old, double ear infections for the children, sinus infection, croup and a uti for mom, a child barfing all over his aunt's beautiful duvet and quilt and pillows and floor, coughing throughout the night so that no cousins want to share their room with you, spending a small fortune at the local pharmacy, a pediatrician warning you that both of your boys' eardrums may in fact rupture during your flight home, not being able to visit the rest of your relatives or go places for fear of spreading the plague to other households, and finally, vacation: telling yourself over and over again, "this was not a waste of money, this was not a waste of money, this was not a waste of money..."

(we did get to do a few fun things, like go to Farm Country - and without the two babies - so we were able to move quickly and the kids had a blast! we also got some amazing pictures - see album.)
(aunt tt and her silly - farm country. and ian hammin' it up for the camera.)

(leland, ian, claire, owen, ruby, papa, coleman and evelyn. uncle brian bought lakers/jazz tickets for my dad's birthday (go lakers of course!) so papa flew out from north carolina and got to hang with all the grandkids...well, almost all... but come on caden, he gets to see you all the time!!)

(owen LOVES babies - like loves them sooo much more than they seem to love him in return. here he is with his cousin ruby. ruby is three months younger than owen marshall, but they weigh the EXACT same. look how skinny his little arms are! owen was infatuated with ruby. every time he saw her he lit up and grinned and giggled and his only goal became to touch her and kiss her and hug her and smother her. the term "kissing cousins" definitely applies.)

(see what i mean? kissing cousins. by the way, check out ruby's look at owens... their little bodies could not be more different!)
(coleman being an awesome cousin and leading all the little ones in some parachute fun. coleman was awesome with ian - who has been talking about seeing his super cool cousin for months and months and months. seriously, ask my friends. ask his sunday school teacher. EVERYone here knows allllll about ian's cool cousin coleman. thanks for making ian feel like such a big kid, coleman.)

(what goes around comes around owen. owen may have smothered ruby, but claire gave it back two-fold to owen! she fed him, pointed at his boy parts every diaper change, hugged him and kissed him and even referred to him as her baby a few times.)
(is it wrong that highlights of my trips often center around food? is it odd that i take pictures of said food? i heart yopana. and i heart brian for ordering and picking up yopana sushi. mmm....sushi... isn't it beeeeauuutiful?? like a photo of a sunset or quiet mountain stream, this is my art.)
(shelley hess johnson, kati johnson heath, brittany krallis stapf and jessica sue frost - oh and owen marshall looking pitiful, cold and maybe a little bored in his car seat. i am a semi-horrible mom for dragging my sick child out to dinner with the ladies, but he seemed to mostly enjoy himself and even fell asleep at jessica's house as we all stayed up chatting. here i am with some of my old college roommates. it was a fun reunion - and yes, amber we missed you terribly! we had a blast at pizzaria 712 - i think that's what it was called - and blabbing about our lives. thanks for a great night, ladies~)

(okay, so this was taken before we left for utah, but it's just so stinkin' cute i had to post it. owen marshall - 8 months old.)
PART 2. easter sunday was a little sad without daddy around. the boys woke up to their baskets from the easter bunny. fortunately owen is too young to notice how blatantly the easter bunny seemed to prefer ian. although owen DID get a new teething toy,sooo... jealous much, children?? i decided after church that we needed a little photo shoot while we were all in our sunday, easter colored clothes. things did not go smoothly. andrew was still at work, as was cheryl so todd graciously became the photographer in our impromptu shoot. there was still quite a bit of snow so he took turns 4wheeling us down the land in his backyard as we attempted to find some scenic spots. ian refused to sit in the dirt...i know, i know...i'm working on it.. my kid is AWESOME about washing his hands with soap before meals and after potty time and pretty much anytime he's sticky or messy - the flip side is he seems to be showing some ocd tendencies with dirt and getting messy. highlights of the "photo shoot": getting mud all over my white banana republic skirt, owen refusing to look at the camera when this new stuff called "pine straw" was soooo much more fascinating, todd's three dumb dogs insisting on running through every other shot, and to top it all off, the 4wheeler getting stuck in the snow on our way back up to the house - forcing me to take off my heels and RUN BAREFOOT through snow up to my calves! these were some of the better shots..i'm still not sure it was worth it. but hey, happy easter!! i will not include the photo of me holding my fingers like a gun to my head while the boys are doing everything but smile - but believe me, it's saved on my computer and pretty much encapsulates the whole event.)

(my tiny little boy.)
(one of our closest attempts at a frame-worthy picture. owen looking up? - check! owen even smiling? - check! me not looking too hoss-like? check! and ian pursing his lips and giving todd a random thumbs up??...check, check.... sigh..)
(another almost-winner. but not quite..)

(while todd ran ian up to the house in the 4wheeler, i took a bunch of pictures of owen and lily hanging out in the woods. they did this all on their own which was pretty precious i must say. a second later she poked her fingers in his mouth, pushed his face away and basically broke his heart. girls..)
(after the easter egg hunts (plural) on saturday, we all went to visit daddy at work. for some reason ian decided to hide in the corner. got a pretty cute shot out of it though).

PART 3. i have funny little stories and quips and one liners and ianisms and life as seen through my eyes to share, but i think this post has been long enough. if anyone goes to the albums i attached, make sure to read the captions as they pretty much tell the story of what is happening.
so anyway, thank you tillia and brian for letting us stay at your house for two weeks and get your children sick. thank you dad for coming to visit and bravely letting sick grandchildren climb on your lap and kiss your face and for being willing to get croup and take it back to mom. sorry to both of you!!! but look at the bright side: you didn't have to share a room while you were sick with a sick baby and sick four year old who threw up on your bed at 9pm! see? silver lining!!! can't wait to come out to nc in a few weeks. we are doing our best to get rid of all infections and owen will be getting tubes in his ears next wednesday - so he should be good as new - which was just 9 months ago for him..

Another FAV!!