Saturday, July 18, 2009

is it just me or does anyone else find the first 20 minutes of disney's "tarzan" heartwrenching?... like, maybe... doing everything you can to be a brave soldier in front of four year old so he doesn't think you are the world's biggest baby. no? that's just me? *sigh* i remember my senior year in high school, andrew and i went (just as friends of course!) to see "tarzan" in the theaters. i think we were there with jake and josh spears and maybe russell henderson and/or devin gilreath?? anyway, i think i was the only girl?? and i think i possibly shed a tear or two, (yes, even then i had that problem...) and possibly was ridiculed for the rest of the night. so weird that ten years later i am watching it with my two little boys and trying to answer questions like, "how does tarzan slide down the trees like that?" and "what is a piranha?" out of curiousity i asked ian what he thought happened to the baby gorilla as the cheetah grabbed it. he said he just took him away (but did NOT eat him). phew! that's a load of my mind...definitely thought that played out differently. anyway, as we have temporarily cancelled our tv (i know, a moment of silence please...) tarzan has been on about 7 times in the last three days. seeing how ian has nightmares about monkeys, probably not the best thing for him to watch.

hmm... i had a list of "notes" - my little one word thoughts that i glance at before i start writing, but i can't seem to find it. okay, that's a lie - it's here, on this desk in my kitchen buried under something, but i am too lazy to look for it. i am lazy about many things these days: too lazy to change out of pajamas, too lazy to ever do my hair or put on jewelry, too lazy to deep clean. i went to see "harry potter and the half blood prince" at the movie theater in town. (yes, we have one. it shows exactly one movie at a time.) anyway, i wore an adidas t-shirt (andrew's), black yoga pants with holes in them, (which a teenage guy in fact pointed out to me - as if i was somehow unaware my pants had 6 holes in them - haha! jokes on him), tennis shoes, hair in it's standard messy bun thing and very little makeup. it may have been the the least effort i have ever put into going to the movies - or anywhere for that matter. on my way home, after midnight i saw one, two - THREE little foxes in a parking lot! i quickly turned off the highway (well, not quickly - SAFELY) and one hung around and let me get pretty close to it. andrew likes to tease me that for being such a city girl i get awfully excited about little critters (you should see ALL the pictures i have of the frog that was stuck on our door) - but i think that is EXACTLY why i get excited.. because even though i am completely immersed (up to my ears) in country-life, i'm still not used to seeing them - as the true country gals 'round here are.

here he or she? is trapped between the glass and the screen of our front door. and then in andrew's hand before his/her release back into the wilds of our front lawn.

anyway, the next day i told andrew how awesome the movie was to which he countered, "are you sure it was that awesome, or would any movie have been awesome since you never get to go to them?" touche.

the fourth of july was interesting. i had waaahayhaaaay more fun when i was nine months pregnant with owen and went last year than i did this year. it turns out owen is kind of a girl. no, scratch that - he is a GIANT GIRL!!! (guess the ultrasound had it right after all?!)

he cried over EVERYTHING. including every horn, siren, tire screech, and loud noise a parade can make. he was absolutely terrified. ian had a blast again this year, but i was hot and dealing with a baby who apparently thought it was Armageddon so i was ready to go about five minutes into it. after the parade, we came home and filled up our $5 baby pool form wal-mart. (you know, the wal-mart that's an hour and a half away..) turns out it is more fun to splash in two inches of water than to watch a parade. who knew?

(here are lily and owen having some water fun).

and my little clone of andrew - complete with water shoes, a life-vest (you can never be TOO careful) and goggles giving his giant, but adorable ears even MORE personality!

uhh, so... ian keeps telling me about the "boys in his head". apparently there are three of them - or three including him? not quite sure.. because the other day when i gave him two cookies he explained how one of the boys didn't get one and he was upset. told him too bad which then prompted the boy in ian's head to make an ugly face. he told me that one of them is really old and can't lift a chair or bike (incidentally i made ian put his bike and a big lawn chair in the garage the other day..) and just a minute ago as ian was showing me his awesome karate moves while demonstrating on a bouncy laundry basket, he said, "janey (yes, apparently one of them is named janey) is really good at karate!" (or kwaty - as he calls it). "who is janey?" i asked. "you know, janey, the boy in my head". he then asked me if he (IAN) was good at punching. which of course i reassured him he is. now, had i not experienced the weird head voices from my nephew, coleman approximately six years earlier, then i may be more concerned. but i guess this is something little kids/boys do?? please oh please tell me some of you have children with imaginary friends, or voices!! at least the voice in ian's head wasn't Jesus telling him to spit on me - as coleman told me so many years ago.

we made sock puppets the other day. attempt one included small circles of paper, a needle and thread, (for eyes of course..) a bloody finger and me wondering why i even ATTEMPT this stuff?! attempt two: a permanent marker which was not working in harmony with andrew's socks. finally, attempt three: some finger paint - actually got the job done. as you can see here, ian took his task very seriously. and maybe i did too... psych! like i care about sock puppets! stupid... okay, fine so i took a picture of mine. and maybe three more of mine...and maybe made ian take pictures of me next to my puppet... but like i've claimed - i mean SAID before - i just do this stuff for the kids...

i have this book with tons of ideas for entertaining preschoolers and every once in a while when i feel like making the effort to be a good mother i crack it open.. found the recipe for some goopity goo (as i have named it): cornstarch, water and food coloring... who knew how awesome it could be??? when you move it around it doesn't stick to you and it's kind of hard, but the second you let it sit (in your hand obviously) it starts to melt and seep through your fingers. ian LOVED it. and andrew and i may have also had some fun with it as well. does this mean we haven't matured past preschool age? no no, don't answer that.

these are the wild-flowers that andrew and ian (owen was with them too and got a few mosquito bites so i will credit him as well) and owen picked for me the other day. emphasis on WILD-flowers - as in dirt road, no homes, an elk nearby, mountains all around, etc... ian made me close my eyes while daddy found a vase and arranged them. i was quite impressed. they sat proudly displayed on our wood burning stove until they turned brown and stinky.

oh, and for further proof my son is a wee too "sensitive", here he is crying because of some bubbles. yes, you read that right. he is TERRIFIED of them. i tried to find out what the phobia of bubbles is called - apparently there is no such name. even on the "strange phobias" website i can't find a name for it. so in honor of going to "harry potter" this week i hereby name owen's irrational fear - "ridiculosa".

for more pictures from the fourth, july thus far and june, here are the links to the albums. and as always, the captions tell a story. a boring story, but a story nonetheless.

Another FAV!!