Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Baby


"Dear Mommy, Daddy and Ian,

(Owen here). Just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings after one whole year on this Earth. I am sure glad I came into this family!

Mommy, you aren't much of a cook (see picture of cupcakes from my birthday)

but you make up for it with lots of kisses, being a super fast crawler and chaser and teaching Ian and I awesome dance moves.

I know you did a lot of throwing up when you were growing me in your tummy and I know I made you tired and just a "tad" bit moody... (sorry, Dad).

And I also know you were surprised when out came a boy, but thanks for adjusting so quickly (and also for not giving me a girlie name).

I enjoyed my pink and brown nursery
and car seat ...for a time,
but I definitely feel the pirate theme is more "me".

So thanks for changing it up for me. I know I'm not much of a cuddler, but I am getting better at those kisses so keep working with me!

Daddy, it was obvious to everyone (including me - even though I was only minutes old..) that you were THRILLED to have two boys!

Thanks for telling Mommy that you thought I was "the greatest thing to happen to mankind" - I will do my best to live up to your expectations. I can already crawl, pull myself up on the furniture, eat faster than any human should be able to, say a few words and last night I took my first yeah... I think I'm off to a pretty good start of being an awesome person. Thanks for all the wrestling and tickles and especially for throwing me so high and making me laugh harder than anyone else is able to do.

You are one FANTASTIC Dad and I promise to continue squealing with delight everytime you walk into the room.

And last, but certainly not least, Ian. Ian, Ian, Ian... You are one awesome big brother. I know I can be annoying when I cry and mess up your cities of blocks, but thanks for being so patient with me. Thank you for dragging me (literally) all over the house so I don't have to be alone. I love to hang out with you and someday I will learn to keep up with you - (You sure are fast!!) Thanks for sharing your lollipops with me when Mommy's not looking and for taking me out of my crib in the mornings (even though Mommy tells you NOT to alllll the time! - boy she is a buzz-kill sometimes).
Thanks for teaching me how to play with cars and how to wrestle and play chase and hide under a blanket (even if I'm not the one who puts the blanket over myself) and go on "bear hunts" and draw with marker on myself. It has been an invaluable education thus far. I love you and I couldn't ask for a cooler and nicer big brother.

So gang, thanks for a great year. And I know you all feel bad I didn't have much of a "party" this year, but the good news is I can't seem to remember what you said just four minutes ago so I will most likely not remember anyway!

Mommy, thanks for the homemade birthday banner and sign and decorations.

I know I am loved.

Owen Marshall. Out."

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