Friday, March 5, 2010

sooo... for those of you who know me well - (really well) - know my craziness and aren't fazed by it, etc.. the revealing of my latest borderline ocd trait will come as no surprise to you. for those of who don't, here's the deal: sometimes...SOMEtimes i get "excited" about something and get a little - hmmm what's another word for "obsessed"?? - over zealous! in my "research" of said thing.. it could be finding the perfect diaper bag, researching a behavioral/child rearing issue, finding the best dog breed for our family, the PERFECT under-eye concealer (fyi - bobbi brown) - but not the point... i will not rest until i have searched page after page after page of examples and reviews and photos and information - (or until my mouse hand and shoulder cramp up) - whichever comes first.
so this past week i decided to find a watch.
(not buy...just find - just so i know it's out there. waiting for me and my large-boned wrist).
a watch with personality! chutzpah! that certain je ne sai quoi that sets it apart from all other watches. yes, it's a huge burden for a watch to carry,
but i knew it was out there.
i searched ebay, bidz, and small specialized boutiques online. i looked at the ones ridiculously out of my price range: dolce & gabbana, calgaro, marc by marc jacobs, nixon (i do love nixon), vestal, and many, many more. i found several i really liked and made a list of my favorite brands. and then i thought of one last site to try. my beloved i have ordered a few things from etsy
(handmade and at a ridiculously awesome price!)
and what to my wandering eyes should appear??
but a korean based shop that makes the watches of my dreams-happy tear.
i will be saving my money for a time (no pun intended) to be able to afford one of these, but i HAD to share with you the coolest, most unique (literally one of a kind), beautiful, STATEMENT piece watches i've ever seen. (and since about half my wardrobe is couture - having the ONLY one in the world is important to me)! okay that's a lie. although my victoria's secret yoga pants have so many holes in them from repeatedly wearing and washing them more than anyone who doesn't actually do yoga should - and have been "patched" up with my awesome sewing skills so many times that i'm pretty sure they qualify as "couture".
anyway, i am in love...

i believe you can choose any color leather you want, ask for unique stitching and they can be personalized with a quote or initials (already included in the price).

i think it is just one woman who makes these, but i'm not sure... i do know she has 100% POSITIVE feedback from her etsy buyers and apparently ships them very quickly.

oh the watches!!
cute ones...
his & her matching ones...

and these nameplate ones that wrap twice. i thought i was ordering one of these for an AMAZING i was wrong. a miscommunication that was entirely my fault!

she was amazing and replied to all my inquiries immediately.
she ended up giving me an awesome deal on something else - which was so nice of her bc it was TOTALLY my fault! she didn't charge me a penny more and is engraving it and everything.
i promised her i was saving up and would be back for my dream watch in due time.
here are some other accessories she has. necklaces, bracelets, etc..
i think the "missing" leather bracelet is pretty sweet. that one is $50.
this is the necklace she's mailing me with a small engraving somewhere on it.. i can't wait to get it - and i will faithfully wear it around my house as i vacuum, do laundry, watch, etc...
(i'm committed). and maybe someday i will even get to wear it out in the big city... of boise.

anyway, judge me if you'd like. make your snide comments like:
"brittany, you have WAY too much time on your hands".
ACTUALLY, i "researched" watches at night after the boys were asleep. twice going to bed well after 2:30am - AND i had MANY other things that i NEEDED to get done... ie. paying bills online, etc... so...
HA. jokes on you. i didn't have too much time on my hands, i MADE the time. it's what i do.
there are tons more on her etsy site, some even more unique/strange/cool than the ones above, and some more girlie if that's your thing.
if any of you are interested in being awesome, here is her site:
Marrianne Handcraft Watch & Band Studio
they range from about $120-$250 and $315 total for the "his&hers"
happy shopping! let me know if any of you get one and hey,
enjoy being cooler than everyone else!
it's like i'm changing the world for the better one blog post at a time...
you're all welcome.

Another FAV!!