Saturday, August 28, 2010

all the single ladies...all the single put your hands UP!

(single lady. putting her freshly painted hand up).

for my niece leland's birthday this year we gave her a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure (she is one of the VERY girliest people in my life after all..) she was supposed to have a sleep-over at our house tonight with ian, but he wasn't feeling up for it after his chicken-pox vaccination today. so instead, i decided to have a girls' night and take leland to get her nails done~ she made the very fashion-minded pick of red sparkles (to match her school uniform of course). i tried to talk her into switching and giving me her gift certificate half-way thru, but for some reason she just laughed at me...
the manicure/pedicure for li'l ladies includes flowers on the thumbs and big toes. after about 5 practice pictures, leland finally figured out how to do a kissy-face picture (while showing her thumb flower) as opposed to a fishy-face picture (it's a tough skill to master).
dinner at bajio. girlfriend put away some food! she also may have told me that her mommy took a nap on the couch downstairs today and that was why she missed lunch.. LoL~ (tillia, i will assume she made that up). after dinner leland wasn't quite ready for girls' nite to end, so she accompanied me grocery shopping. grocery shopping came to an abrupt end when we got a phone call that another certain niece needed her diaper changed.. (leland's parents were on a date and apparently the diaper was so bad it could only be done by aunt bebe, SUPER AUNT).
when we got back to the house, we took a few pics together to remember our evening out.
i thought this was a good one... didn't realize leland was doing her fish/kissy face until she insisted i take another pic with her doing the same face. i fully appreciate her sillyheadedness.

ps thanks for convincing me to buy those two new sparkly $.99 nailpolishes, leland. i have a feeling ian would have picked out something different...

Friday, August 20, 2010

just to recap

hey.. remember that time i didn't blog for 5 months?

here is a "short" (short for me.. you do NOT want the intricate details of the past 5 months as i tend to be a bit long-winded - or so i'm told).. recap of our events.

aaaand.... we're off!

we live in utah now. near my older brother and his fam, and andrew's older sister and her fam. 10 minutes from each.

here we are last week at leland's birthday party at the natural history museum (or the dinosaur museum as everyone here calls it). it was quite the party and all the kids had a blast~ we had our own party room, tour guide and best of all the kids got to make fossils. they mix their own plaster and pour it into the mold they chose (ian picked a saber tooth tiger tooth - at least i think that's what it is) - and then as they they all leave to wash their hands, the tour guide swaps out all their molds for ones that have already dried. ha ha! kids are dumb. then they all come back in the room and pop "their" fossils out of the mold. (that is tillia's sister stacie's daughter, shelbie above. stacie has been visiting for the past month and we all got to hang out a few times. wish they didn't live so far. stupid florida).

ian with his aunt t.t., the birthday girl who just turned 6!, and ian with his uncle brian
my other niece, ruby had a BLAST causing chaos and exploring all things dinosaur. and because she looked and was being SO STINKING CUTE that day, she pretty much had free rein to do as she wished as every adult (me most of all) looked on in adoration.
last week i also had a mini-roommate reunion. i posed for a picture with ian before taking off. he was not thrilled at his not being invited. i told him he had to go to college first and then he could come. that seemed to make sense to him and he accepted it pretty graciously.we ate at mimi's cafe and sat and talked and talked and talked until i'm pretty sure our waitress's shift ended..
jessica, amber, me and kati

my OTHER (i have SEVERAL) niece, evelyn turned 8 a few weeks ago and was baptized a few days later. it was a very cool baptism and we were excited to finally live close enough to family to participate in something!

here we are with the girl of the hour~
evelyn is NOT much of a hug-giver. she's like the most frugal 8 year old girl in the world, only instead of money, her fugality is with hugs. my cousin aleksi moved to utah the same time we did (and i am SO excited to have her here!!) here she is forcing evelyn to hug her. no easy task. my little prickly pear as i call her~ (evelyn, not aleksi!)
owen's favorite part of the baptism?.. hands down the refreshments at the end. he didn't even pour out his drink onto the floor (a favorite and precious little game of his.... SIGH). as i helped with refreshments and andrew mingled with the grown-ups, i realized i had not seen owen in at least ten minutes. (i was doing refreshments, CLEARLY i was not to be expected to keep an eye on our two year old... right?? the one mingling is supposed to watch the child. an unspoken rule, non??) and so we split up and tore through the church trying to find our mischievous little boy. andrew finally found him, at the opposite end of the church, away from everyone, crying and with his little hands pressed to the glass door leading outside. i'm not sure what his plan was, but i think he figured if he could get outside he would find everyone/thing he was looking for. which would not have been the case.
sami, abby and lydi
here are andrew's sister's girls, who threw owen one awesome party a few days after his birthday. (since it appeared to ian that owen's birthday lasted several days, he has asked again and AGAIN if he can have a LONG birthday just like owen). sami and abby decorated the house for owen and aunt jen made some delicious gluton-free cupcakes!
as you can see, owen was thrilled to be the center of attention! it was pretty much the greatest party a two year old could ask for~ not that aunt jen had much competition.. here is the party that i threw owen. i bought red and white plates, etc.. and decided to do a baseball/ball theme. my two splurges were the balloons and the CAKE, the GLUE, the thing that tied the whole party together, an AWESOME BASEBALL CAKE!!! i bought the mold at the party store and andrew made the batter and lovingly cooked it. i destroyed one half of it the first time bc it was still a bit too warm when i tried to take it out of the mold, but we persevered! (or andrew did rather as i wrapped presents and blew up a huge pack of balloons). i lovingly frosted the bottom half of the cake carefully, slowly, with all the craft-skill (not much in me) and mother-pride i could muster! we waited for the top half to cool. and ever so delicately andrew placed the top half onto my frosted lower half of a beautiful baseball ball. the problem we believe is that i had scooped out the bottom half to fill it with deliciousness. we did not scoop out the top half. it was a bit dense and .... sniff..sniff... HEAVY. at approximately 2am, this is what happened. followed by tears. (mine, not andrew's), sitting on the kitchen floor in a big pile of "i'm a failure as a mother" and finally a few laughs.
and so, in the morning we threw owen his cake-less party - ohhh.. but not before we lost power for SEVERAL HOURS from about 5am on and i took it as a sign to call everyone and officially cancel his party. so after our breakfast family celebration-o-owen, we decided to take the boys to a magical place...a place where all your dreams come true...a place where anything is possible!!...a place that has not been remodeled since the 70's and a place where your hands actually feel weighed down from the pounds of germs you know must be on them after playing each game and carrying around a handful of coins. that's right. a one - CHUCK-E-CHEESE.
this was the first "ride" to be tested. naturally...these are andrew's boys after all! i have to admit chucky cheese was probably a little more for ian since he's been asking to go there since he began talking. but owen didn't complain. until he saw the "stage" that is. you know, with the animatronics - those creepy HUGE, not so cute and cuddly, robotic and unfluid in movement, disney land rejects. he was in some kind of trance watching the "show" as he ate his pizza and sipped his lemonade. every so often he would almost smile and so after 20 minutes or so, i picked him up and walked about 4 steps closer to the stage, (which by the way was still about a football field in length away). he started crying and gripped my arms in terror and back to the table we went.

finally, later that evening we took the boys to toys-r-us to pick up the gift memere and papa had gotten him. of course he and ian had to try out every bike, trike and toy not tied down or in a box first. but we left with a brand new cozy coup for little owen. the same kind i had when i was little. he sits in it every day. and or climbs on it (with the assistance of his big brother)..
here is owen going for a stolen tricycle spin through toys-r-us.
in between chuck-e-cheese and toys-r-us, ian and i headed over to evelyn's party. she had it at this new bowling alley. we were in this cool room with movie screens above every lane! the kids were in heaven. there was also a nice laser tag course they got to do and an arcade. it was a pretty sweet bowling alley. and an action packed party!
me with coral, (stacie's youngest girl) - under that beautiful exterior lurks one naughty little monkey! LOL - good thing she has the face of an angel.

new box of cheerios + a climbing toddler = breakfast ON the table. owen had a blast and eventually ian grabbed a spoon and joined in the fun. ohh...little boys...

we saw one of santa's reindeer on our way to utah lake one day. i think this one summers here.

utah lake. started as a super fun day. we played and swam and ignored the filthiness of the water...right up until ian stepped on an old fishhook - in the water. what r the odds? it actually wrapped around his toe rather than going in it, but for him - the day was DONE.
i must admit, i love the weather here. it has been a pretty mild summer since we arrived so we have been on several little hikes and adventures. here were are at bridal veil falls. the water was ICE COLD, but the boys didn't mind.

owen tries so very hard to be like his big brother. of course he can never quite seem to do things exactly like ian. owen held this pose for at LEAST 45-60 seconds while ian did somersaults around him.

ian was in a tree and so owen just had to be there as well.

of course ian's favorite thing about life in utah has been getting to spend time with his cousins.
the kids decided to put on a circus for us one day. they actually had it pretty organized! fake names, 3 acts and a bow at the end. it was awesome.

so i guess that's it for now. will have to blog about our final days in idaho soon. ian starts school in a week. owen continues to perfect his tantrum technique. and andrew and i are adjusting to life in utah.

the end.

have added three albums on facebook of life in utah thus far. tons and tons of pictures. later, my readers.

Another FAV!!