Thursday, September 23, 2010

feminism, thai food, and 5 year olds

it must be confusing to be a 5 year old. anything is possible. ANYthing. bigfoot is NOT real, but santa IS. there are NO such thing as monsters, transformers however, are not only possible, but hidden in plain sight all around us.
ian and owen are watching an elmo dvd. and as i'm typing about being 5, ian just turned to me and said, "mommy do YOU know how to get to sesame street?" (the opening song seemed to imply that i did). i can sense his disappointment in me that i do not know how to get there..

so andrew called me a few hours ago and told me about this program that would be on npr today entitled "mormon feminism today"(here were the guests. the woman on the left is historian claudia bushman from claremont university and on the right is the scholar and blogger for "ask mormon girl" and "", joanna brooks - although i'm partial to myself). i got the live feed off the internet and listened and then put it on in the car while i went to pick up ian from school, then came back home and finished listening online. i really enjoyed it and was just getting offline when ian walked over to me and said "mom what are you listening to?" to which i said, "oh just the radio". (i figured he was confused since i wasn't watching a show but was listening to something - don't think i've EVER used the computer to listen to npr before - or willingly turned it on in the car for that matter).. he said, "like cowboys and stuff??" i stared at him and said, "noo... just people talking. it's a show - but it's just talking and you listen to it". he was getting somewhat annoyed and said, "yeah, but like cowboys?? like with bulls and stuff?" i stared another 2 seconds and then started laughing so hard i could hardly answer him. "no ian, not RODEO... RAAADIO." i then told him how cute he was and FORCED myself to stop laughing. he stared at me like i was crazy, but also like he was a bit pleased with himself for managing to pull off being cute to mom without any real effort.

ahhh 5. so much is possible.

ps a special "I'M SO SORRYYYY" to my niece leland this fine day. after i picked up the kids i proudly served them the thai food i prepared. that's right...i had lunch ready and waiting for them BEFORE they even got home from school! booya!! i had forgotten to sprinkle the peanuts on top and was holding them in my hand when i yelled "LELAND STOP!" she is severely allergic to peanuts you see, and what had her aunt bebe made her for lunch?? just some delicious thai food with deadly peanut sauce. fortunately she had only had a few bites. i called tillia and benadryl'd her up. thank goodness she didn't have a reaction. i felt so sick i could barely eat.. (although in the end i was able to power through. what can i say?...i'm a fighter.) love you, little girl. i'm sorry i tried to make your face swell to twice its size, throat shut and ship you off to the hospital. although at least i didn't give her a peanutbutter cup - which rumor has it her dad tried to do once.
pps jen, you may want to rethink me EVER watching your girls...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mermaids (no, not the movie with cher)

i always have some sort of story or topic in mind when i write.


today i'm going to see where the wind (and the migraine pill i just took) takes me...

ian is in kindergarten. kindergarten is kind of hard. harder than i expected. he has homework every night, projects, memorizations to pass off each week and reading to complete.
this is what i did in kindergarten: colored. oh and sang. uh ohhhh...
kindergarten flashback!
3 kindergarten flashbacks actually. it must be your (anyone reading this) lucky day!
richmond, virginia.
flashback 1: a little girl named elizabeth crying. she had glasses and short curly, dark hair. she didn't want to be away from her mommy. i put my arm around her and mothered her. (yes, i was "that" kid)... "it's going to be okay", i said. "you'll see her soon"! i don't remember if it helped or not. i'd like to think i changed her life that day.
flashback 2: we had to color mermaids. i did a lovely job. travis (who was also on my soccer team) decided to draw an anatomically correct chest on his mermaid. i took his paper, brought it the teacher and showed the offense. (yep..i was "that" kid too). i can still remember her lips pursed together trying not to laugh. sadly, she did not share my sense of outrage.
flashback 3: play-time. playing house, my favorite game!! (which is ironic considering how bad i am at "house" now). travis threw a block of some sort at john (also on my soccer team - his dad was the coach if memory serves). john screamed and started bleeding. mrs. harper and the assistant carried him awkwardly out of the room and down the hall to the principal's office. travis stood there crying. i don't think he was looking for john to get stitches (which he did) - he was probably just trying to teach him a lesson of some kind. lesson learned. wooden blocks hurt.

ps as i sign off i am listening to ian and his kindergarten cousin, leland (they are in the same class - although sadly, they are no longer allowed to sit next to eachother).. discuss how frustrating it is when half your body wants to play wii and half your body doesn't. now they are arguing over who get's to pretend to be a dog. ian says scooby doo is a boy dog and he is a boy, so leland doesn't get to be the dog. at least he didn't throw a block at her head to prove his point. well done, son.
oh..and in "owen-news", he has finally learned to put ian's vampire teeth in his mouth correctly. it is accompanied by a growl - which we all know vampires don't really do - at least not in the way he's doing it. oh young owen, i have so much to teach you...

Another FAV!!