Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the best thing about turning 30?
no that's not it.
accomplishing everything i've ever set as a goal for myself?!!
starting a new phase of life?
ehh.. *with indifferent shrug*.
getting spoiled for a weekend?
i'm not THAT shallow people!
okay, yes i am. i am that shallow because so far the BEST thing about turning 30 has been the celebration of me - i mean IT! the celebration of it.
1st there was a box from home with some bday presents, then an unexpected bouquet of beautiful roses from my parents-in-law followed by the anticipation of a girls night out in which i had no idea what we were doing! (i do love a surprise) - especially since i was a little bummed to be so far away from friends this year~
my sister-in-law, tillia and my cousin, aleksi picked me up and we headed up to salt lake where we went to this awesome spa for pedicures. it really was such a neat place and the girls there were very cool. they even let us paint our fingernails while they did our toes which was pretty nice. sometimes i forget how i tend to view the world thru mother-of-little-boys eyes. i decided to choose this cool nail polish that sort of cracks as it dries to expose whatever color you have underneath. i informed everyone that my right big toe dried to look like an earthquake fault line and my left big toe dried looking reptilian. like a cool lizard. my uber-girly cousin, aleksi said she thought it looked more like black lace over the greenish/blue under color i had chosen. i suppose her way sounds prettier, but personally i think they should from here-on-out advertise this look as "reptilian earthquake". what woman wouldn't want that?!
here is the after pic; me (with the reptilian polish, tillia in blue and aleksi in gold).
i was also treated to some awesome shimmery grey o.p.i. after~
tillia had asked me earlier in the week what i would like to eat for my birthday dinner. i told her i would think about it and asked my boys. my husband said, (only semi-jokingly sadly) "i always like golden coral!" and my 6 year old quickly followed with "and i always like cracker barrel!"
"both EXCELLENT suggestions", i said.
i called her back to say sushi sounded heavenly.
and so after our feet and legs were spoiled with pedicures and massages, we headed to this amazing japanese restaurant, rated the BEST sushi in slc. we sat in the "traditional seating" area. while i have had a lot of sushi, i have never been to a "traditional" japanese restaurant. i sat with my legs sideways for a solid 20 minutes before i realized that the floor actually drops a foot or two underneath the table for your legs... my bad.
dinner was fantastic. beyond fantastic actually. the absolute PERFECT birthday meal.
after dinner we hung around until we started getting mean looks from the staff and decided we just wanted to skip a movie and hang out. so we stayed out talking until 2am.
aleksi gave me a pretty necklace and tillia told me that my "real"bday present were the tickets she had gotten for us to see"RENT" this summer.
YAAYY ME! although i have to say there is no one and i mean NO ONE that tillia could have more fun with at a show than myself. fact.
even though at the end of the night aleksi informed us that hanging out with tillia and i was like (and this is a DIRECT quote) "hanging out with two moms"
BURN... (in hindsight i suppose we did tell a lot of kid stories).
and even though i have been dreading this birthday, i have to say it was one
awesome evening.
i was informed not to expect this every year since 30 is a special one.

on my actual birthday, we celebrated with tiramisu and cake.
and after the boys were asleep, while andrew and i curled up watching a movie while binging on cake and "blood orange" drink stuff, andrew's sister, jen and her husband and girls dropped by with lots of cards and drawings and little gifts. it was a great way to end the day~
so that's it. i am now officially 30.
if wisdom happens to find me this year, i will be sure to let you know.
thanks to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes~
i feel loved.
and old.

Another FAV!!