Tuesday, May 3, 2011

today as i dropped ian off at school he came to my window to give me a kiss (as he does every morning), and i licked my thumb and started

mom-cleaning the grits that were left on his face from breakfast. he backed up in horror and said,

"MOM! you're doing that in front of EVERYBODY!!"

- even though no one was watching.

i embarrassed him.

i...embarrassed...my kindergartener.


granted he will be in 1st grade soon so he is practically a man. it really did make me a little sad though..

fortunately on his walk into school he continued to do what he does every morning, which is wave incessantly at owen and i, flash "i love you" signs, and even blew a kiss or two to his brother who every morning screams from his window,


over and over until he his big brother is out of sight.

as long as he is still little enough to realize how uncool signing "i love you" and blowing kisses are then i guess we're still okay.
still, that was a close call.

as we were getting out of the car at home after dropping him off, owen marshall grabbed ian's old "CARS" backpack, tried to put it on himself and said for the first time ever,

"i go school"

i think i'm fighting a losing battle.

Another FAV!!