Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a sunkissed moon

immediately after dinner tonight owen decided to spit out a sip of water so as to get his legs and feet wet so he could say "i need a bath!" (perfectly logical if you're 3). he quickly stripped and ran past ian when ian said,

"OWEN! you STILL have sunshine coming out of your bum?!"

"IAN! " i sort of gasped, fumbling over my words 
about to say 
"where did you even hear that expression?"
but before i could...

a streaker ran past and i saw owen's tiny bum.

complete with the fading lower back tat that daddy thought was hilarious to draw on the other day while owen was wearing his pull-ups.

literally: sunshine coming out of his bum.

 that's how awesome my kids are. sunshine shines from their bums.

can you say the same?

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Brandy said...

This is hilarious!! I SO enjoy reading your blog....seriously, you should be a writer :)

Another FAV!!