Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a lesson in practicality

all but one pair of these were purchased today...
(full disclosure: ian has on a new pair of basketball shoes not in the picture).
and YES, they already have other shoes including church shoes, get muddy shoes, soft slippery toddler shoes, corduroy shoes, etc...
and YES, they possibly have 5 sets of shoes that match each other.
and NO, i do not find that cheesy.
and YES, there were many, MANY other shoes that i desperately wanted, but walked away from.
and YES, i was so strong to do that!! *thank you~
and YES, we are all grateful to have
2 boys instead of 2 girls because
i am just preparing them for every conceivable outfit. and isn't it good to
always be prepared?!
be prepared - just like the boy scouts.

Monday, February 27, 2012

nap threat

last night we stayed out late. the boys didn't get to bed until after 10pm (and these are kids that are in bed and asleep almost every night between 7-8pm). today, i am paying for it. owen has cried 3 times already and it's only 10am. ian had the sassy attitude of a 15 year old on accutane. and so i threatened... the nap. actually, i stated "NAP".
"nap is soooohohoooo happening today for BOTH of you! it is in your future so i don't want to hear any complaining later when the time comes. understood?" i said to ian and owen.
 to which ian replied, "PLEEEEEASE MOM - NOOO! PLEASE just give me ONE more chance to change my attitude! please?!!!" and so i agreed.
since he has been incapable of getting along with owen this morning, i knew a nap would be in his future regardless. i left the room and heard ian begin project angel-face by asking owen if he wanted him to put on "du-du-du-dora".
"hmm...nice start", i thought.
since then, (and without me asking for any of these things), the following have ensued:
- all kitchen counters sprayed and wiped down
- floors swept (as well as a 7 year old boy can sweep anyway)
- dishes put away
- kitchen trash taken out of trashcan and put in outdoor can
- trash bag REPLACED in kitchen trash.... what?!!
- dirty clothes and toys picked up off the boys' bedroom floor
- beds made
- extreme patience and love beamed all over his cranky 3 year old bro.

and project angel-face continues even as i type.

which leads me to this question: how is it POSSIBLE that a human can HATE taking a little nap THIS MUCH?!!!

and this realization: i have underestimated the power of the NAP-THREAT for far too many years.
 never. again.

(photo of the guys taken the other day with ian's leappad)

Another FAV!!