Thursday, March 8, 2012


1. zac posen annoys me. i have a "fashion" board on pinterest and i am finding that lately when i need to unwind and destress, staring at haute couture and deciding what i find acceptable to make the cut is a pretty relaxing feeling. and even though most fashion designers seem to be condescending, out of touch, overly-serious, pretentious narcissists, some annoy me more than others.
case in point: zac posen.
even though there are a few things i like. really like. i can't bring myself to "pin" him on my "board". and even though he probably won't admit it... i think it bothers him.  

it's up to you to change my mind, z-man.

2. the other day i read about this sock-bun thing. supposedly it is perfect for the busy mom who doesn't have the time (or desire) to do her hair every day. it sounds like something that has probably been around a long, long...time (although so far no one else i've talked to has heard of it). this is the video i watched. i'm sure there are shorter demos out there, but this is just the one i happened to see.
you basically make a donut out of an old sock, put your messy hair in a high pony tail, and wrap it around the sock - which stays in place all night without anything to hold it in place. (that sort of wow'd me i admit).

so i gave it a try.

this is how my hair looked immediately after taking it down the next morning.
now, just a tiny sidenote...a few hours later i went to the doctor to find out i had the triple play (ie. ear infections, sinus infection and bronchitis) and i never planned on putting these pics on my blog.
so just skim thru them and move on.
move on, i said!
andrew said it looked like a lion's mane.
i am 85% sure he didn't mean that as a compliment.

this is what it looked like after i ran my fingers through it for 30 seconds.
-i also threw on some makeup...despite the pasty appearance-

and there you have it! a lesson in hair by... me?
who saw that coming??
ps. this has been known to be the case in the morning...
the sock-bun may have
changed my life.

3. ian has gotten a perfect behavioral grade in school every day for a month! as a reward, he and the other kids who did the same get to eat lunch in the classroom with their teacher tomorrow. 
not to brag..... but, it's kind of a big deal.
it became a bigger deal when ian informed us he was the ONLY boy in the class to make the cut. LoL. i don't know if that is 100% factual, but i figure he can't be too off about that info. i will find out tomorrow when i visit his class as the "mystery reader".
after doing some thinking about being the only boy to receive this honor, ian informed us he should probably "only hang out with the girls from now on".
(yes, that is a giant eye-roll followed by a sigh).
it would be one thing if he were simply connecting the dots and making a smart observation...
it takes on a different meaning when ian's first day back to school after track out, (before we were even out of the parking lot), he told me the girl he THOUGHT had a crush on him all year did in fact have a crush on him. something we have already established SEVERAL times before. and just for some background, when ian came home a few weeks ago with his class valentines, he showed me a valentine with an arrow thru a heart and let me know that he did indeed know that feeling.
i wanted to yell,
"you should NOT be thinking about girls or talking about girls! focus on school!!!! on academia, you 1st grader, you!!"
but parenting 101: do not act shocked and appalled when your kids confide in you.

even if you are.

seriously though, we are in trouble.

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