Monday, March 18, 2013

Refined Ladies

 Sometimes, not often, but every once in a while.. you order a Dr. Pepper and it is EXACTLY as good as you hope it will be.
As you need it to be. 
The right amount of sweet. Not too syrupy. Not too bitter.
And then,
as your taste buds sigh "ahhhhhhhhh...." in unified bliss,
"Runaway Train" comes on the radio.
And even though it has been a long, wasted and depressing weekend,
and even though it's Monday and your kid is home from school sitting in the backseat with a mean case of Pinkeye,
and even though it's cold and wet outside and you are driving in the rain, on the highway headed to buy an arsenal of all things antibacterial to cleanse your home once and for all of Pinkeye, Cold and Cough germs,
for a few minutes, with the music blaring
and a Dr. Pepper in your cup-holder,
everything is right
and perfect
and hopeful.
I would like to add that Refined Ladies still get disgusting and debilitating cases of Pinkeye from time to time as well...


annie said...

It's moments like these that make it all worth while. Although, that pinkeye is real bogus. You gotta do something about that.

Christy said...

Love it!

Andersons said...

How early were you drinking dr. p? Just saying! Hope the disinfecting worked!

Another FAV!!